Beth’s instincts are good, but she has a tendency to “sensationalize,” which led to her job at Buzzwire. She reads between the lines in most situations, even when others deny the truth; she sees an instant connection between Mick and “Morgan,” and correctly assesses he is “obsessed” with her. The first time Mick meets Beth, she is theorizing on associating a murder with a vampire angle—and then, it turns out to be a vampire. Once aware that vampires exist, she is quick to latch onto the idea, and wants to know all about it; she starts finding connections to vampires everywhere, and suspecting they are responsible for many different crimes (accurately). Beth has a naïve, idealized view of vampire life, as comes to light when she asks Mick to turn someone she cares about, to save his life. She admits her childhood memories “are unclear,” and she avoids thinking about them, whenever possible. But her kidnapping colors all her experiences; she has always felt safe, because Mick, unbeknown to her, has been a constant in her life, watching over her. Beth abandons practical reality when she asks Mick to turn Josh; she admits that caring so much about her appearance, acting seductively, and the enjoyment of “feeling everything” under the influence of vampire blood was very unlike her usual self. Once she starts to remember the past, she falls into the grip – bad. She relives her experiences, blames Coraline for what happened, refuses to let go, or forgive her for it. Her intense personal feelings do not often come to the surface; she waits until she is alone to cry, when she believes Mick has died. She both wants to and cannot really talk about her true feelings for Mick; when others bring them up, she denies them, showing a sense of detachment from her feelings and a refusal to share them. She forms a strong, unspoken bond with Mick, which only strengthens over time. Beth has certain ideals she will not violate, but her strong attachment to Mick does drive her actions. She wants the facts, and to get her story straight. Her questions about vampirism are practical, and intended to build her knowledge base. Beth is quick to leap to rational conclusions and act on them; this can get her into trouble, when she thinks she has to do something about whatever is going on. Even though she has doubts about vampires, and is afraid of what might happen, Beth gives Mick her blood, to save his life. She shocks Joseph when she suggests to him to keep Mick safe, and to protect his secret, he is going to have to “shut someone up” (kill them). It’s the logical thing to do, yes. Beth also acts on her feelings: she stabs Coraline, when she associates her with the past and her childhood kidnapping.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Beth is an enthusiastic and open-minded journalist, never content to sit on the sidelines and observe the stories from a safe place; she wants to be in on the action and can be too much of a risk-taker at times, when she goes undercover to infiltrate a cult. She loves to tease Mick about his special abilities (“can you do that that sexy vampire jumping thing you do?”), but she can also be hard-assed under stress, such as when she wants Coraline dead when she discovers her true identity. She shifts into unhealthy 1 disintegration behaviors, morally judging her, seeing her in a black and white way, and trying to enact revenge, out of a desire to protect herself. Beth wants to run away from the pain of losing Josh, by persuading Mick to turn him, with no thought for how that might unfold in Josh’s life, then shuns him for awhile when she doesn’t get what she wants. Her 6 wing makes her imaginative, and cautious, playful with Mick, and indecisive about what she wants in life at times, but she is more cautious than Mick in terms of worrying about how things may backfire on them. She agrees with Josef the journalist who uncovered the truth about Mick needs to be killed to protect his secret.