Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Toyna lives very much in the moment, from her childhood on the ice to the impulsive decision she makes to marry the “first boy who said I was pretty.” She gets so lost in the moment, in fact, that she frequently shoots down her own future career in ice skating – she accuses the judges of being against her, stacking the deck not in her favor, and not giving her the marks she wants and feels she deserves. Toyna worsens the situation by screaming profanities at them. She gets so caught up in being happy about making the Olympic Team, she doesn’t think about anything beyond that – including whether the FBI might be coming to arrest or question her about Nancy’s broken knee. To support herself, she does everything from female boxing to running a backhoe, and her training involves running in the woods and flipping around logs. She is physically strong and motivated enough to land complicated jumps. She can be emotionally charged and unwilling to repress her own feelings in order to make friends; Toyna feels offended that others want her to adhere to a more “family-friendly” look. She also tends to take in criticism and self-blame – assuming that since everyone has always treated her like a punching bag, she doesn’t deserve anything better and must have “done something to deserve it.” She often loops into Te and lets people have it – trash talks them, shoves the blunt facts in their face (“I can’t afford a $5,000 costume!”), etc. And she is quite poor at thinking through the logical aftermath of her decisions – she fails to understand the perils involved in her confessing to knowing about the assault upon Nancy, for example, which leads to her being banned from figure skating from life. She has never had any dream for her future except to ice skate.

Enneagram: cp 6w7 sx/so

Toyna tries to put on a tough girl act to protect herself – such as beating the crap out of her brother when he feels her up, screaming at people, getting in their face, and accusing them of sabotaging her – but it’s really just a defense mechanism. Her mother cows her quite easily, and scares her with her 8 aggression and meanness. Her boyfriend / husband beats the crap out of her – Toyna will assert herself, hit him back, decide to leave, and then come back, because she has nowhere else to go. She often shoots off her mouth, then regrets it, but has a bunch of conspiracy theories about why people are “against” her. Truth is, she is angry, emotionally reactive, belligerent, and does not like to take personal responsibility for her own actions – but also easily pushed around, to the point where she even gets in the car with her crazy ex. Her 7 wing also … tends to reframe things, twist them around into a more romantic light, refuse to take personal responsibility, or to look at herself critically; nothing is ever her fault.