Draco takes advantage of whatever opportunity arises, from attempting to ‘befriend’ Potter before he’s sorted into Gryffindor, to getting his father to purchase new brooms for the entire team so he can also fly on it, to his half-hearted attempts to kill Dumbledore by cursing a necklace and bewitching a woman to give it to a fellow classmate, and poisoning a bottle of the headmaster’s favorite drink. Draco becomes part of Umbridge’s Enforcement Squad given the chance to bully other students. He tends to take things at face value and react to them, such as finding it odd that his two hanger-ons are behaving strangely in the Slytherin Common Room, but never imagining they might be anyone else. He also notices things, such as seeing Potter’s shoe for an instant as he leaps into the overhead compartment, and then choosing to jinx him and give him a few kicks before he gets off the emptied train. He attempts to develop a long-term plan to kill Dumbledore, but isn’t very good at it, because his heart isn’t in it. He has unusual solutions to problems, such as when he sees a Vanishing Cabinet in a store full of dark objects in  Knockturn Alley, remembers there is also one in Hogwarts, and assumes he can mend it, so Death Eaters can pass between them in their attempt to take over the school. Draco manages to do this successfully, though it takes him awhile to figure out what’s wrong and how to perform the magic necessary to fix their broken connection, despite all the protective enchantments on the school. He can be blunt and insulting, but often intends his remarks to provoke other people—constantly getting into it with “Granger,” out of jealousy for her superior intellect and wand skills. Draco has a desperate need for approval—from his favorite teacher (Snape, who is also his Head of House) and from his father. He will lie and fake things to get attention, such as when he pretends he’s been severely injured by the Hippogriff to get him killed and Hagrid terminated as a teacher, and he doesn’t mind taunting the trio about it, either.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Draco is all about bragging how he is a Pureblood, how he only associates with Purebloods, etc. He’s quite proud of his family, and boastful of all the money his family has, to cover up his deep-rooted insecurities about being incapable in the outer world. He cannot stand having anyone else be the center of positive attention or praise, and will cut corners, use defensive magic he’s not allowed to, and attempt to bury them in whatever way possible. He’s able to charm some people, but doesn’t bother with others; and in his last full year at Hogwarts, Draco disintegrates into 9ish depressive apathy. He lets his appearance go, he becomes isolated from his friends, and he no longer cares. This continues into the seventh book, where he seems to have lost his arrogance and seems “uncertain” of himself, when he refuses to positively identify Harry and his friends. He knows this will get them killed. He can be elitist and pretentious, but also highly emotional, and sometimes loses his cool in public.