Peter was known for “copying” whatever James and Sirius did at school, in his attempts to fit in and seem impressive as part of the Marauders group. He is not particularly creative in his spell-work, and struggled to learn complex magic beyond his school level, though he did manage to turn himself into a rat—something that came in useful later, when he framed Sirius for his murder and dropped into the sewers. Peter comes up with a long-term plan to get himself back into Voldemort’s good graces, but waits around for a long time to act on it, and is rushed into premature action when Sirius breaks out of Azkaban and threatens to expose his true identity to the world. From there on out, Peter offers himself to anyone who will have and protect him, even sacrificing pieces of himself to remain in their good graces. But he spent over a decade living as a rat, in total laziness and contentment, without any urge to change anything. He is also somewhat hesitant and short-sighted in his assessment of others, since he trusts Voldemort too much to keep his word. He has no inborn sense of morality and does whatever his friends do; if they bully Snape, he bullies Snape. If they want to transform into animals to help out their friend Lupin, he will do the same. At school, as a boy, he was eager to be liked and for attention, always trying to please others to receive protection and acceptance for them. Though he betrayed his friends to save his own life, Peter does feel guilt about this and hesitates to hurt Harry when given an order to do so, causing his inevitable death. He shamelessly begs for his life from Harry and pleads for forgiveness, to escape being punished by Lupin and Sirius. Though he struggled a great deal at school, he did eventually master complex magic on his own, showing his growth into stronger logic and understanding of the complexities of magic.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Peter is completely spineless, terrified of dying, and will do anything to avoid it – and he does so by clinging to other people whom he sees as stronger than himself – at first, James and Sirius, then Lupin, and finally Harry and his friends, before he retreats to be a servant to Voldemort. He was a selfish, insincere, and terrified boy, fearful of failure and unsure of himself and his own magic – who chooses to hide for over a decade, to avoid the consequences of his actions. He tries to appeal to others through pleas and beginning forgiveness. But he also wanted to be adventurous, spontaneous, and to have fun, and that’s what in part appealed to him about James and Sirius – two popular boys always up to shenanigans.