Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Sirius can be fun and adventurous to be around, as he and Harry plan to live their lives together once his name is cleared as a conspirator of Voldemort… or he can be reckless, when he morphs into the form of a black dog and accompanies his godson to the Hogwarts platform to see him off to school. He often demands to do more for the Order, while locked up at his old home (a place of childhood miseries and resentments to him). He takes whatever opportunities arise, and leaps into instant action – pursuing Harry into the Ministry when he knows he’s in peril (despite advice from Dumbledore to stay away) and winding up in a duel to the death with his cousin Bellatrix. But he can also make short-sighted decisions – his abuse of his cranky old house elf causes great resentment in the elf, who betrays him to his death. He tried to trick Snape into being mauled by Lupin while at school, then never did anything to rectify the situation, and continues berating and taunting Snape into adulthood. An ever-increasing source of resentment to his family, Sirius found their Slytherin loyalties abhorrent in his childhood and set out to prove his resistance to Dark Lord social conditioning. He filled his room full of Gryffindor banners and Muggle photos of beautiful women and sports teams, to differentiate himself. He proudly got sorted into Gryffindor House. He often makes emotional decisions based on his own feelings for people – for his house elf, for his mother and her home, and for Snape. Despite the high stakes before them, and their desperate need to use Snape as an informant, whenever he runs into him, he berates, abuses, and pushes his buttons out of hatred for him. Though repentant about his earlier bullying of Snape, Sirius did nothing to rectify it or apologize for it. He tells Harry no one is all light or all darkness; there is both good and evil inside them. He also learned complex magic so he could protect and be with Lupin during the full moon without risk to himself, and helped James teach Peter to do the same, out of a sense of loyalty. He is angry at Peter for betraying his friends, because “I would never do that!” He prefers to leap into instant action and feels frustrated that he cannot do more for the Cause.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

Much like the Weasley twins, James is full of good humor, mischief, wild antics, and fun. He was known at Hogwarts as a troublemaker and always up to mischief. He has a reckless sense of adventure and a deep resentment of being left out, prohibited from having his freedom, or not being able to escape the confines of the house. His years in Askaban ate away at his soul, because he hated confinement… and he comes back, only to find more of it, first in a cave and then trapped in his mother’s awful old house. He’s so desperate to escape, he often risks his life to help the Order and rescue Harry – which leads to his unfortunate downfall. He is still “laughing” as he falls through the Veil. Harry notices that even as a dog, his godfather seems happy just to be outside. But Sirius can also be mean-spirited and cruel. He bullied Snape relentlessly at school, causing him to drop his books, humiliating him in public, hanging him upside down, and threatening to remove his underpants. He continues to bully and torment him as an adult, and shows very little remorse for it.