Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Tonks is always ready and eager to participate in life – even though she is clumsy, she volunteers for dangerous missions, became an Auror (and loves doing it), and is quick to leap on a broom and show Harry a few moves. She gets along well with the Weasley twins and is often out in the backyard having fun with them, whenever they’re together. She doesn’t understand Lupin’s objections to their potential marriage, and confronts him with her feelings when she can contain it no longer. She wants him to take his chance, live in the moment with her, and not fixate so much on the future possible consequences. She often doesn’t take Mad Eyed Moody seriously and makes fun of his attempts to keep them safe, inferring her comfort level with winging it. Though just recovered from giving birth and a new mother, Tonks insists on participating in the Battle of Howarts and takes on her cousin Bellatrix, leading to her own demise. She cannot fake her feelings as anything other than what they are, and for awhile, Harry notices how severely her entire personality and appearance has changed, in correlation with her depression over Lupin rejecting her on an emotional level (her hair turns a dull brown, her Patrous changes into a wolf, but looks sad, and she often seeks out Molly for advice). She doesn’t care what others think, she wants to be with him, and cannot understand his need to protect her by refusing, when she isn’t asking for his protection and abandonment. Tonks simply wants him to act on his own feelings for her, and respond to her in kind. Since she dislikes her name, she prefers to be called just “Tonks” or sometimes “Dora” (mostly by those she loves most). She can, however, cut herself off somewhat from her feelings – she’s able to cast a Patronus despite her depression at the time, showing an ability to separate what needs to be done from her emotional state.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp [739]

Tonks loves to make people laugh and has a great sense of humor; she’s easily able to merge into the funny Weasley family, and admits that she was often in trouble at school for “not behaving myself.” She uses her appearance-changing to amuse people, and also in her work as an Auror. She admits that she failed one exam due to being a klutz, but doesn’t seem too bothered by it, nor her various poor marks at school. She’s often teasing even Mad Eye, in an attempt to get him to laugh (it doesn’t work). In fact, it’s her moodiness, depression, and lack of a sense of humor that warns Harry something has gone wrong with her – because it’s such a switch from her usual funny self. Tonks likes to be part of things, have a sense of family, and also shows some cautiousness and eagerness to assist others and have them like her.