Functional Order: Fi-Ne-Si-Te

Sybil is a highly sensitive and arrogant woman, who believes she can interpret the cosmos and who feels deep resentment when Dumbledore brings in a Centaur to co-teach her class (especially since he dismisses her preferred methods, and informs the students that Divination is mostly guesswork). She is often so wrapped up in herself that she fails to understand the larger picture of what is happening, or have genuine insight into things – she fails to recognize the reason Dumbledore keeps her at Hogwarts or that the Centaur’s presence is necessary, because it saved her position and also is saving his life. Her teaching method is semi-efficient, although Hermione doesn’t think so, but Sybil shows her true colors under stress, when she becomes caustic and insulting. She infers that Hermione lacks the True Sight, that her soul is shriveled up, and that she ought to cling to her books less—which makes Hermione storm out of her class. She does read between the lines at times, but assigns symbols to things – believing she can interpret the future through tea leaves, and often falling back on grim tidings of foreboding and woe, repeating the same patterns again and again through her life. (The professor sighs when a bunch of glum students comes to her class and asks which one Trelawney predicted might die this year.) Sybil believes in portents, omens, grim figures in the clouds, and only ever gave one true prophecy—the one that included Harry Potter and Voldemort, although she cannot now remember it. She is at a loss when Umbridge tries to kick her out of Hogwarts, since she has no other home, knows not the outside world, and has nowhere to go.

Enneagram: 4w5 so/sp

Sybil carries around an elitist attitude of “other” with her wherever she goes – she alone possesses the True Sight, she alone can interpret the signs, and she is deeply resentful whenever anyone (Hermione) casts aspersions on her craft or attempts to take her specialized position away from her (Firenze). She is highly emotional and easily insulted, turning things into insults and lashing out at other people; Umbridge “reduces her to tears” during their session together, and she becomes hysterical at the thought of leaving Hogwarts (forcing even Professor McGonagall, who hates her guts, to come to her defense). When others cannot understand how to foretell the future, she takes a haughty and dismissive tone with them. She is fearful of the outside world, and avoidant, choosing most of the time to stay in her Astronomy tower and not eat with the other professors. She specializes in Divination alone.