Andy just wants to be a successful journalist and writer, who when asked to send over a few things to Christian, send him a fat portfolio full of her work, that she feels proud of. She is somewhat indecisive and inconsistent, but also ambitious—she wants to work for a proper newspaper, and sees this as a ‘temp job’ on her way to better things. She also insists that she is doing all she can for Miranda, when that isn’t true – she is neglectful of details, she scorns her own appearance and sees it as unimportant, and she derides people for being shallow and caring about two different belts that are “exactly the same to me.” Her Fi shows in that while she wants to please people and be liked, Andy also has a hard time no being herself. When Nigel first brings her a pair of pumps, she shrugs and says, “Miranda hired me; she knows what I look like.” She eats clam chowder at lunch and bagels, and rolls her eyes at the thought of girls starving themselves to stay thin (although she eventually winds up doing the same, out of peer pressure). She seems somewhat unaffected by Emily being so rude to her all the time, in that she doesn’t change her appearance until Nigel points out that it would improve her work relations. Then, Andy starts to change—she becomes more ambitious, more able to keep track of things, and more work-focused, as she matures into her Te. Over time, she learns to do Si things herself by keeping track of Miranda’s busy schedule, and putting together beautiful outfits on her own. She also starts anticipating what Miranda might want, based on what she knows about her (Ne/Te and Si), so she isn’t playing catch-up all the time. And she successfully manages to learn a lot of information in a short time, ahead of an event where Miranda needs to pretend to remember everyone by name.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Andrea starts out as an ‘intellectual’ who looks down on girls for being vapid enough to care about fashion, and who just wants to do her job—but she is constantly neurotic, terrorized by the idea of needing to please her boss, and desperate to hold her life together. She cares so much about her friends, she lets her ego dictate her behavior toward them (until late in the story, when she starts prioritizing work over them) – even though staying late to a party and meeting a magazine editor could get Andy her dream job, she still chooses to rush home and wish her boyfriend a happy birthday instead, out of loyalty and a sense that she needs to keep her promises to him. When, as Nigel puts it, she tries hard and doesn’t get “a gold star,” she becomes reactive and whines about it to Nigel, then asks him for help in doing what she can to make Miranda like and respect her. Andy is still reactive, anxious to please, and warm and funny toward people, but she becomes more and more 3ish as she drifts away from her core values—she starts caring more about her appearance than her relationships, more about her job than her connections, and it’s not until the horror of Miranda saying how much they are now alike hits her that she tosses her phone into the fountain and gives up the job she fought so hard to keep. Her 7 wing is extroverted, light, and fun. She makes a lot of jokes, teases her boyfriend to get him to lighten up, and also is willing to take risks, have a good time, and even sleep with someone she barely knows in Paris. But ultimately, it all comes back to her loyalty—when she finds out Miranda is going to be replaced, Andy “fervently tries to warn” her, stands up for her, and defends her, even when others trash her.

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