Function Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Emily is detail-oriented. She is frustrated at Andy’s initial inability to remember instructions after just receiving them, and for not seeking specifics when dealing with Miranda’s requests. She compares present situations to previous ones, by informing new assistants of either the failure or success of their predecessors. Her focus in the present allows her to be efficient. Emily learns from the mistakes of others, and expects others to do the same. She has a very set standard of how things are done, and doesn’t like anyone deviating from it. She likes to be in control of her desk, and keep others organized. Emily is reluctant to hand over responsibilities; until she is satisfied that Andy can do them properly. She is highly organized, seeks to bring order to her chaotic environment as much as possible, and expects everyone to be on time and efficient. Emily quickly lays out the “rules” of the office, both official and based on her standard. Because she is in such a high-stress environment, Emily acts out in selfish and mean-spirited ways by making fun of Andy’s clothing choices. Emily is more sensitive than she lets on, and scared of reprimands from her boss. She is dedicated to doing a good job, and has very strong opinions, but is not interested in sharing her emotions superficially; she rejects Andy’s attempts to make friends, and even though she comes to admire Andy, and appreciates her kindness, she has trouble admitting to it. Her previous experiences with Miranda and failed assistants makes Emily reluctant to try new tactics with Andy, but also causes her to go into a meltdown when she can’t control her environment or trust her own memory to dig up necessary details. Emily is fearful of the many ways things could go wrong, but also has a streak of a dreamer in her – she is excited at the thought of meeting designers, and having a wonderful week in Paris (inferior Ne).

Enneagram : 3w4 so/sp

Emily is a hard-working but ambitious girl, concerned with her presentation and putting on the right image; she’s anxious to please Miranda (because she’s the only person who matters to her social 3 need to fit in) but has not much time nor interest in mentoring Andy. She strives to impress and perform well for her boss, but also takes a bit of pleasure when Andy fails because she doesn’t approve of Andy’s careless lifestyle, which doesn’t seem concerned with how it looks (“You eat carbs, for Christ’s sake!”). When she fails, and winds up in the hospital, Emily becomes passively accepting of her lousy situation (3 shifting to unhealthy 9 and simply giving up altogether). Her 4 wing is an intellectual snob, pleased with her superior taste and interested in mocking Andy’s plebeian behaviors and styles. Her 4 wing also becomes jealous when Andy starts looking good.