When Andy attempts to warm Miranda about having her job stolen out from under her, Miranda says she has known about this ‘for months’ and been planning against it; that’s why so many years ago, over her long career, she built up a list of editors, fashion designers, photographers, and models who are ‘loyal to me, who would do anything for me, and who would go with me, when I leave,’ in order to use it as leverage against her “boss” and stay in the business. She sees potential in Andy because she isn’t like the other girls who let her down; over time, Miranda continues to give her chances, is impressed with her ambition and resolve, and then even sees a reflection of herself in Andy’s determination to do her best. She centers her life around her job; as Andy puts it, “Runway is her life!” Miranda also gets her heart set on how things ‘ought’ to be and accepts no substitutes; in one scene, despite the hurricane raging outside, she calls up Andy and insists that she get her a flight home at once, because she needs to be home for her daughters’ recital the next day. The inability to accept the reality of her situation (“it’s just a little rain!”) is the fault of her Ni and low Se, which rejects what’s actually happening for what she wants. Miranda is straightforward and blunt in how she puts people in her place, but she is also formidable in how she gets things done, makes decisions for the betterment of her publication, and hands off tasks to subordinates so she can focus on what truly matters—her work as an editor. She finds inefficiency irritating, sloppiness unforgivable, and there’s no room for excuses; she hires people to do a job, and expects it done right and well. Despite her off-putting behavior, Miranda has a knack for finding what is valuable and promoting it, for spotting talent and coaxing it out, and for delegation. She has a formidable work ethic, sometimes to her own determent. Miranda has a great deal of aesthetic snobbery happening in her love of fashion, her need for it to be always moving forward (“florals for spring? How original”), and her ability to tell the difference between two different shades of the same color, but she does very little, exerts almost no energy outside of her job, and is oblivious to the realities of her sensory existence or the limitations it provides. Miranda cares mostly about her kids and her husband, and losing the latter devastates her. When it surfaces that ‘another’ divorce is going to hit the tabloids, she worries about how her kids will feel reading about it. The only way to earn her respect is to prove you are willing to do what it takes—and then, she will see herself in you and become fond of you.

Enneagram: 4w3 sp/so [458]

Miranda is a withdrawn type—she doesn’t even like to share an elevator with someone else and forces them to get off it. She doesn’t want just anyone in her house or hearing about her problems. Miranda is direct, self-centered, and elitist in her tastes, often critical of people she sees as shallow, pandering, or ‘in poor taste.’ She tells Andy directly to her face that she decided to hire ‘the smart, fat girl’ this time, and now Andy has ‘disappointed me more than all the rest.’ Miranda says whatever she thinks and feels, regardless of whom else it offends, shocks, or hurts. She also hates her job being demeaned; when Andy snorts at the idea of two belts being ‘so different’ (they are ‘almost identical’), Miranda has an angry reaction to Andy calling it ‘this stuff’ because it implies it’s somehow unimportant, and puts her in her place. She doesn’t accept Andy until Andy puts in an effort to ‘look good.’ In that way, she is doing image management—being bitchy and better than other people, unapologetic about her negativity, and only respectful once you earn it. Miranda also sometimes isn’t rational in her demands; she will order a reshoot of something to the tune of $300,000 just because she doesn’t “like it.” She is something of an egotistical ‘tyrant’ to her employees in her demand for utter perfection, but is also driven, ambitious, and determined to succeed. She betrays Nigel to save herself, and he can’t be sure she will ever ‘pay him back.’ Her 3 wing also wants things to be ‘the best.’ She will accept no substitutes, and she hates hideous things (why can’t we find attractive paratroopers? Has Gwyneth [Paltrow] lost that baby fat yet?).

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