The Hobbit: Bard [ISTP 9w8]

Functional Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Judging Functional Axis:

Introverted Thinking (Ti) / Extroverted Feeling (Fe)

Bard is a quick and analytical thinker, able to creatively solve any problem – without external help, without confiding in others, and without a grand master plan. He makes decisions based on logic, that he can defend in only a handful of words: he knows how to smuggle in the hobbits, how to arm them, how to keep his family safe, and how to urge others to make rational decisions – barter for what they want, seek out protective shelter, etc. He is a man of few, well-chosen words, who can easily see the logical flaws in others’ decisions. Rather than fight, Bard would much rather negotiate. He wants to find a medium where both sides can be satisfied. He pushes away leadership but also feels responsible for the people around him and their safety. He berates those who belittle and harm others, while keeping his own emotions close to the chest. He is open to persuasion and has a compassionate side (inferior Fe).

Perceiving Functional Axis:

Extroverted Sensing (Se) / Introverted Intuition (Ni)

He is extremely aware of his environment, and can use it without any forewarning to assist him in escaping, protecting others, and being aware of the placement of the enemy. Bard looks around him and uses what he can to get himself out of messes – breaking out of prison, shooting arrows that “never miss their mark,” and taking chances when necessary, to obtain what he wants. He is fearless of danger, totally confident in his ability to act within his environment, and never makes a misstep. He reacts quickly, to head off problems others never see coming. If one thing doesn’t work, he grabs something else and tries that. His mindset shifts from the immediate into the future easily; Bard thinks both in present terms and on future implications and impact – he is concerned the dwarves will wake the dragon and lay siege to Laketown (he’s right); once the city is in flames, he sets out to find them a defendable position in the mountains that will preserve them in the winter months. He instinctively knows things about other people … or dwarves, as the case may be, and his warning about the potential negative consequences are often accurate. He sees the future, and also is somewhat fearful of it (lower intuition indicator).

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Bard prefers to keep to himself and mind his own business. He has no interest at first in assisting the dwarves, then does so out of a sense of justice and obligation and kindness. He insists on negotiation rather than actively quarrel with the other people of the town, yet also refuses to cater to them or bend to suit their agenda. His 8 wing makes him proactive. Bard loathes injustice and stands up against the authorities who mistreat the people of Laketown. He is not afraid of them, and defies them much of the time, in doing whatever he thinks is moral and just and right. He champions the freedoms of others. He appreciates strength in others, but not cowardice or distrust. Others choose him easily for leadership, but he resists, using his authority only to protect and provide for his children.