Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Radagast loves the animals and woods so much, he abandons civilization to live alone and fill his life full of animals, trees, and other creatures. He cares deeply about his “charges” and is dismayed when evil starts to creep through Middle-earth, hurting his precious wildlife and threatening the world’s delicate balances. He proves to be selfless, and even gives Gandalf his staff (“dickey” as it may be) because he sees his greater need for it. He acts decisively to make an impact; Radagast tries different techniques to cure Sebastian, then forces the poison out of him by siphoning off the evil through magic. He can be blunt, and does not mince words when telling Gandalf the greater concerns he has run across in the wood (inferior Te). He has lived alone quite happily for years in the woods, simply taking care of the forest creatures and folk. He notices changes in his environment and pays attention to them, rushing in to rescue one of his creatures from the darkness staining his woods. Radagast happily risks his own life to lead enemies away from the dwarves, gleefully saying he’d like to see the wargs outrun his rabbits. He prefers to outrun the orcs rather than face them, and finds joy in teasing them. Radagast gives his staff to Gandalf, knowing he will need it more, and expecting Gandalf to be more active in fighting evil than he is. He recruits and bring the eagles into battle – and rides upon one’s back. He has flits of Ni – he senses Sauron or at least, a dark shadow is moving across Middle-earth and infecting the wood with foul creatures (“It’s as if it’s dark magic…?”). He senses Gandalf is walking into a trap, and hastens to fetch Galadriel to help him.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Saruman thinks Radagast has eaten too many mushrooms and “addled his brain,” but also disapproves of how… well, unproductive Radagast can be. He pretty much lives in his own happy little world of caring for the animals, without any ambitions for his power or authority. He doesn’t like to leave these comfort routines. As  a self-preservation subtype, Radagast keeps to himself, focuses on what he enjoys most, and maintains a sunny and optimistic attitude (most of the time)… but his 8 wing brings in aggression and defensiveness; he can be assertive in protecting his creatures and enjoy taking risks. Under stress, he becomes more suspicious and distrustful, warning Gandalf that he’s about to walk into a trap, and suggesting they not meddle with the dark forces there.