Balin has a great deal of respect for dwarf tradition and his own personal experiences… he follows Thorin because he has proved himself in battle, and because of his strong ties to the mountain. Balin reminiscences on his past experiences with romanticized enjoyment of his past (he thinks back on when the dwarves were powerful in the mountain, he remembers the first moment he knew he would follow Thorin, etc). His great desire to connect to the legends, traditions, and beliefs of his people later cause him to attempt to reclaim the Mines of Moria. Balin has an open mind and optimistic idea about the future, but does not care to read between the lines much in his companions’ behaviors – his understanding of Thorin’s insanity comes less from intuitive understanding (unlike Bilbo) and more from his former experiences with Thorin’s father and grandfather and their subsequent madness (Si). He has a kind and gentle manner. Balin is quick to reassure Bilbo of his worth and to make sure he feels wanted and safe. He honors others, is eager to smooth over any misunderstandings, and easily charms other hobbits and humans. Balin understands the needs of those around him and seeks to help them. He appeals to Bard’s emotions and tries to establish a connection through shared fondness for family. He is good-natured, easygoing, and pleasant. Balin sometimes goes along with the group’s desires, even when he disagrees with them. He is open and honest with Bilbo about his fears about Thorin’s insanity (“It may be for the best the Arkenstone stays lost”). Balin is a sensible, rational dwarf, an easy problem-solver who knows the importance of creative thinking – instead of fight Bard, he sees the potential in paying him to smuggle them into Lake Town, and in convincing the other dwarves to contribute financially. Unlike Thorin, he sees potential in Bilbo and encourages him to greater adventures. He is rational and detached enough to realize and act on what is in the best interest of Thorin, even if Thorin does not like it.  

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Balin has a nonjudgmental attitude about others, and is social, open, and amiable. He tries to treat others with respect and get the dwarves to get along; he’s often helpful and accommodating with Bilbo. He tries to reason with Thorin in pleasant terms and does not like conflict; he’s even politely persuasive with Bard. His 8 wing makes him firm and not fearful; he will rush headlong into danger when necessary, and has no qualms about calling Thorin out on his bad behavior. He enjoys a challenge, which is probably what drives him to reclaim Moria from the goblins. As a social 9, he’s focused on group dynamics and supporting and promoting Thorin as their leader. He can be somewhat suspicious and cautious when he’s unsure of himself in a bad situation (moving to 6 behaviors).