Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Kili is an adept fighter who skillfully uses his environment to the best of his ability; he is the first one to leap in and try to rescue Bilbo from the cave trolls; he leaps from his barrel, scales up a cliff face, and helps his friends escape in barrels down the river; he does not want to stay behind after being injured in a fight; he falls for Tauriel upon short acquaintance and begs her to come with him. He tries to hide his attraction to elves behind jokes, but is then insulted when his friends laugh at his inability to tell an elf maiden from an elf lord. Kili feels strongly that some things are right and wrong and conflicts with Thorin’s decision to let their kin die on the field of battle. Kili is free with his feelings for Tauriel and tries to convince her to come with him. He often says romantic, or sweet things, to show his affections. He gives no greater thought to the group or how they may respond to his newfound love. He assesses situations and acts on them, sometimes in creative ways, but focuses more on immediate impact (Se/Te). He often takes the quickest solution that achieves what he wants than creatively thinks. He can be blunt from time to time. Kili is not always quick on the logical draw; since it didn’t occur to him to buy for time by insulting himself and the other dwarves, he argues the irrationality of dwarves having “worms in their tubes.” He does not see what Bilbo is trying to do with the cave trolls until Thorin kicks him; he doesn’t really think much about the future potential of an elf-dwarf match so much as he wants to act on his immediate feelings; Kili does not hold back after his brother’s death, in anticipation of a trap, but instead rushes in to avenge him.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Kili makes the most out of a bad situation – when stuck in an elf prison, he ponders on his mother, teases an elf, and gets her to talk to him. He likes to keep the mood light and poke gentle fun at Bilbo’s fears. Kili is always up for an adventure and ready to set out to accomplish something; he easily falls in love and is passionate about whatever he does. His is open to relationships, flirtatious, and boastful. His 6 wing makes him a little cautious when encountering the unknown (he urges Bilbo to deal with the Cave Trolls) but loyal to his family and friends. He covers up his insecurities by pretending to be bolder and more confident than he is. He has a playful, impish side to his humor whenever he tests people.