Functional Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

Tauriel is self-sacrificing for the betterment of whatever social group she is referring to; she argues the elves have a moral responsibility to look after the people of Middle-earth and involve themselves in their long-term welfare, even when it doesn’t benefit the elves. When others refuse to join her in this venture, Tauriel strikes out on her own to help them — recruiting Legolas to her thinking, and then joining the dwarves. She puts aside her own love for Legolas, out of awareness that his father would never allow them to fall in love (“You would never let him marry a lowly maiden elf”). After losing the dwarf she loves in battle, she dissolves into wondering why — why does it hurt so much? Her inferior Ti cannot cope with the situation except to question it. She also never questions her own motives or behaviors, she simply acts for the betterment of all. She focuses on the big picture and trusts her insights — she knows Thranduil will never change or allow her to be part of his family, due to her low birth; she recognizes that if they run the spiders out of their wood, they will take over other parts of Middle-earth and threaten other kingdoms and races less equipped to deal with them. She argues that they should not leave the humans to stand alone in this fight. She has a strong ability to read other people and sense whether she can trust them – she flirts and banters with Kili, understanding he is not a threat; she does not push Thranduil too much, aware of his position of power and the social dynamics that keep her from marrying his son. She rarely changes her mind, once she decides, and takes direct action to make what she wants to happen come about. Tauriel is a confident and adept fighter, who often leaps into action. She is skilled at using the world around her to keep herself and others alive – reacting quickly to unseen orc threats and putting herself physically in danger.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sx

Tauriel is driven by her need to love and connect to others. She is quick to pursue helping others – wanting to save the dwarves and giving her life force away to save the person she loves. She feels slighted by Thranduil when he admits that she can never marry his son due to her lowly birth; so she pursues someone else who responds to her with enthusiasm and interest. Tauriel’s 1 wing gives her a strong desire to do what is right, and the ability to turn her back on Thranduil when he refuses to fulfill his obligations as king and help out a potential ally. She focuses on the group, but also in asserting herself and taking charge when others need her. She can be aggressive and violent whenever she feels threatened or others she cares about are under attack (moving to 8).