Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Alex lives in the moment and doesn’t think much about her future, procrastinating about filling out her college applications and finishing her essay (starting it, really) only hours before the deadline. Unlike her J sister, she is a free spirit who doesn’t like constraints, who wants to be a dancer, and who insists she will worry about things later. She also tends to take people at face value, which means assuming everything her girlfriend tells her is the truth. She is quick to react in dangerous situations, but also quick to pull pranks on her friends. She is a warm and friendly girl, but also deals with her own problems in silence and won’t go to therapy; she struggles between the need to tell her girlfriend things and the need to remain silent about all of it. She keeps the secret of her involvement with Jenna’s overdose a secret for years, out of fear that her best friend will hate her because of it; she also doesn’t tell anyone about her own drug addiction. Alex has certain lines, however, she will not cross… and she can be blunt and tactless when dealing with people she doesn’t like, especially Violet. She doesn’t understand how McKenna can consider forgiving her, or withdrawing the charges against her. Alex looks for immediate solutions rather than work-arounds. Alex fails to see the truth of people in her life, often ignoring the signs and being skeptical of such things as curses or premonitions of death until the undeniable truth stares her in the face.

Enneagram: cp 6w7 sp/so

Alex refuses to do a lot of things, including being honest with her friends, out of fear of losing their love and the resulting separation – she is funny and outgoing and charming, but also scared, over-reliant on drugs to calm her down, and sometimes suspicious and paranoid. She swings between being too trusting and accepting of certain people and too distrustful of others. She often warns people that she is aware of what they are up to, and won’t put up with it, but under pressure, crumbles and oftentimes seeks the support of her friends. Given a choice between rescuing three people in a barn and helping one dig a shallow grave, Alex rushes in to rescue her friends, then regrets her decision. She avoids taking responsibility for her actions at times, and tries to distract herself with temporary pleasures, being irresponsible, and humor.