Violet prior to learning to play “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” was a friendly, extroverted, and popular girl, easily able to blend in and make new friends. She shared her thoughts and opinions easily, and was able to console the people in her life. In the first season, however, she can be over-invasive (introducing herself into people’s lives, making too quick of inroads into helping them, and leaping on their ideas to solicit affections) and manipulative; she is able to convince others to do what she says, with well-chosen words of encouragement and affirmation, or subtle emotional threats (such as informing Alex that she will tell McKenna of Alex’s role in Jenny’s death, unless Alex does what she asks). Though she has spent considerable time pouring over the journal, attempting to discover what secrets it holds in order to break the curse, Violet has not managed to crack the case, nor does she much question what she does to stay alive. She often references her old life and her own experiences, and it clouds her worldview—the things she has been through and seen, her life with the virus (which enables her to feel for McKenna and connect to her later). Given the chance to adapt to a new school, she quickly leaps into action, makes new friends, and tries to build up her reputation, as she did at her previous school. Violet often says she needs time to think about something, that there is “something here… we are just not yet seeing it…” She often ponders things deeply and looks for connections, and given the right information, can very quickly link things and look for solutions there.

Enneagram: 2w3 sp/so

Violet’s mantra is “let me help you.” For good or ill, she makes constant offers of assistance and protection, to helping McKenna with the curse to buying things in order to purchase others’ affections (an expensive drawing book for the boy she hopes to date, an expensive dress for McKenna as an inroad into her friendship circle). She likes others to confide in her and be sincere in their interactions with her, but can also become sneaky and controlling – taking over the girls’ ideas about creating a GoFundMe page to raise enough money to plant a tree in their dead friend’s honor. She likes praise and has healthy self-esteem—Violet is quick to run for student council president and assumes she will win; she’s also not above cheating and setting up other girls to take the fall in order to get what she wants.