Charlie is an incredible opportunist and displays this in his fierce and dogged determination to get back his “boss,” Ben Wade. When he’s taken by a posse, Charlie follows them for miles, tracking them even through Indian territory, falling for a prisoner “exchange” coach scam, and then doubling back to catch up with them. Seeing them held up in a hotel outside the train station, he offers whomever kills the men with his boss a large cash reward, turning the entire town into an extended gang of outlaws. Once the men get so trigger-happy they start shooting at Ben instead, Charlie kills as many of them as he can find. He’s a logical thinker who just happens to be completely amoral; Charlie thinks no more of shooting a man than he would a stray dog. He disguises himself and sends the marshal off on the wrong trail, pretending to be a cattleman who happened upon the robbed stage instead of one of the bandits. He is an efficient problem solver, but also a bit cussed – he sets a stagecoach on fire in order to extract information from its inhabitant. Charlie does a lot of things to try and earn the approval of Ben, while also displaying fierce leadership qualities himself. He can be charming if the situation calls for it, but has no real moral scruples other than his fierce loyalty to his boss. Unlike Ben, he has no interest in talking about souls, in contemplation, or in understanding the psychological implications of Ben’s statements. He just wants to rob coaches and live rich off the profits.

Enneagram: cp6w7 sx/sp

Charlie just wants his boss back out of loyalty; he’s clinging to Ben out of a sense of belonging and taking pride in being his right hand man. He is so fiercely protective of him, he wants him back at any cost, no matter how many lives it takes, and is utterly confounded to get betrayed at the end – he thought he was doing Ben a favor, earning his affection in setting him free, and instead, his boss turns on him and kills him for killing another man. You can see the hurt and confusion in his eyes. Charlie is so dependent on Ben that he doesn’t realize his own potential – he is a powerful commander of the gang, easily able to earn their respect, yet is doing it all in an effort to stand aside and relinquish power once more to somebody else. His 7 wing does not like negativity, to give up, and can be abrasive and avoiding of depth. He shies away from deep conversations and doesn’t like to admit to his failures.