McKenna has strong moral opinions and won’t cross her own ethics –her twin’s spirit must “intervene” several times to “protect” her sister (alive, Jenny agreed to write an essay and lie for her when asked by one of their friends, something McKenna refused to do; she also plays the game for McKenna, to keep her alive). Given the chance to sacrifice herself or her friends, McKenna wants to sacrifice herself and die on their behalf. She’s always focused on whatever is right or wrong in the current situation, and that includes forgiving people and moving on from past hurts. She isn’t always rational, and is often baffled by her problems – once she contracts the “virus,” she looks for ways to stop it or end it, and has no real curiosity about what it is, why it is doing this, and doesn’t try different things to get rid of it. It’s simply a problem to eradicate. She can become blunt on occasion under pressure. She is opportunistic and wants to do things the instant she thinks of them, from breaking into a house to chasing after a suspect, to buying or accepting a dress from a half-stranger / new friend. McKenna’s problem is rarely looking beneath the surface of things, and not finding them suspicious before something goes wrong. She does have occasional flits of Ni, when she “senses” that something is wrong, or there’s a connection there they simply haven’t found yet, but more often reacts in the moment and deals with whatever is in front of her.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Of all her friends, McKenna is the nicest and most responsible, but that also means she doesn’t easily assert herself and she tends to merge into other people’s opinions—she calls someone a bully at her sister’s instigation but then calls it a joke and becomes avoidant; she falls in and out of relationships and becomes involved or not, depending on how they respond to her. McKenna has a strong sense of moral responsibility and holds herself to a high standard – as she points out to her mom when she’s grounded, she NEVER does anything wrong, and this is the first time in her life she has broken curfew. McKenna manages to forgive Violet and trust her when she needs her, despite all the awful things Violet did to her – she simply “gets over it” where her friends cannot. Under stress, she moves into 6ish levels of distrust, paranoia, and suspicious behaviors.