Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Hagrid is all heart. He is so open-minded and accepting of Magical Creatures, he finds everything about them lovable—and neither notices that his students do not feel the same way nor appears to understand their reasons why. Their perceptions of them as dangerous do not match his adoration for them as “sweet” and “good-hearted.” He brings home his dangerous half-brother Grawp, a full giant, and then expects Hermione and Harry to take care of him when he cannot. The idea that he might be dangerous or harm them never seems to cross his mind. He loves Grawp, that is enough to make him “good.” Though he wants to do his best as a teacher for Dumbledore’s sake, Hagrid does not know very well how to stage his lessons, often chooses creatures the kids do not like, and allows things to get quickly out of control in his class. Hagrid acts without thinking or considering the consequences of his choices—he brings home a dragon egg, after trading illegally for it with a total stranger in the pub, without thinking about him having a wooden house that could burn down in a few years, or even what will happen when the dragon becomes too big to hide (he will think about that later, I guess?). He doesn’t suspect anyone had any reason to give him the dragon egg, and is unaware of having given away a clue to the Stone until the students wheedle it out of him. He will often contradict Harry’s speculations, and remind him of the facts (why would Snape want to steal the stone, if he’s one of the ones protecting it?). He rushes off into the forest to talk to the giants and recruit them against Voldemort, only to bring home is brother, Grawp. Since Hagrid is so good at dealing with him (… uh… minus a bunch of cuts, bruises, and broken things), he doesn’t see why Hermione cannot do it. He finds a way to let Harry know about the dragons ahead of the Triward Tournament, and also makes more of an effort to ‘dress up’ to impress his lady love, but looking beneath the surface is not one of his best traits.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so [926]

Hagrid is a mild-mannered sweetheart most of the time, gentle, compassionate, and good-natured, with a desire to see the good in all things and a militant refusal to see the bad. He stubbornly adheres to his own version of events and reality, rather than take in outside information – part of the 9 passive-resistance to the outer world. He sees things as more idealistic than they actually are. But he also has a ferocious temper that rears itself from time to time—he can become dangerous and aggressive whenever anyone threatens his life, his friends, the friends he has among the staff, or his dog. Under stress, Hagrid becomes extremely fearful and codependent on others—anxiously asking Harry how he is doing and fretting about losing his job and shaming Dumbledore (moving to 6 anxiety).