Function Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Florence is a methodical and precise woman, who does not mind spending each day crawling about in the house in search of the mysterious clock; she also, as she opens up, relates things back to her own personal experiences—admitting to Lewis that she cannot perform magic “properly” anymore since she never “healed inside” from her trauma, and telling Jonathan that he needs to stop being such a coward and do parenting properly, since she found it difficult, but ultimately rewarding and wishes she could have back what she lost; it takes her awhile to grasp the realization that she can have a new family, with Jonathan and Lewis, as the “black swans” (sheep) of the neighborhood. She has an exact manner about her, focused on the facts and on problem-solving, rather than on theoretical speculation or needing to know “why.” She wants to find and stop the clock. Her magic is beautiful – intricate and powerful, and she understands on an intuitive level that it must come from within – and be unique to each person who uses it. Florence has a lot of inner Fi emotional intensity and deep secrets she does not share easily. She refrains from chastising Jonathan for losing his temper, and instead focuses on a deeper truth – that he cannot run away from things when they become hard. She and Jonathan share witty barbs and insults as a way to show affection for one another (“Oh, go braid your back hair!” “Choke and die!”). Her inferior intuition also shows in her lack of speculation on the motives behind the clock’s existence, nor in piecing together that Lewis is the only warlock powerful enough to release an evil sorcerer from his tomb. She seems somewhat fearful of the unknown.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Florence is a studious and appropriate woman, always calm and in control of her emotions, never allowing herself to show anger or impatience. She needs to be a good person, and perfect, so she won’t allow herself to perform much magic when it matters, due to her fears that she isn’t good enough anymore – that she’s broken inside. She gets on Jonathan for being a bad surrogate parent, kindly but firmly berating him for “cowardice” and reminding him of his responsibilities, telling him he cannot push away from “hard things” but has to go through them, out of duty. Her 9 wing makes her emotionally constrained. She tries to diffuse conflict when Lewis tells them the truth about his mistake with the blood magic.