Jonathan is a live and let live kind of guy – whatever Lewis wants to do is fine with him, go out and explore… just leave that cabinet alone. He tends to live in the moment (and he doesn’t much care if playing an instrument at 3am bothers the neighbors or not). He also takes things at face value and is quite good at adapting. His magic is beautiful and fun, full of visual images and touches. But his intuition truly is his blind spot – he’s so wrapped up in searching for the clock, he never stops to think that telling a kid not to poke around in a cabinet will make him curious; nor does he speculate that Lewis might have been the person to resurrect someone from the dead (that’s an absurd thought; what kid, however much a natural, has that kind of power?). Nor does he spend much time speculating on what Izzard’s scheme for the clock is, other than his sense of general “doom” as it counts down toward an inevitable conclusion. He’s logical and precise, but also good-humored and funny – he likes to insult his best friend to her face and behind her back, as a way to show her how much he cares; their banter lends his life a great deal of fun. He admits that he left his family when he and his father could not agree on his use of magic. Lewis can easily appeal to him with Fe pleas and behaviors, and Florence can correct his behavior with some well-timed words. Jonathan wants to be liked, and have a good time, but is a bit oblivious to social cues and secondhand embarrassment.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Jonathan is a flamboyant, creative personality – and his first instinct, when Jonathan breaks the rules, is to “toss him out on his ear,” and make him leave – in other words, parenting is hard, and when it’s not fun anymore, Jonathan doesn’t want to do it. He lets the kid live pretty much his own life, with only one rule in the house – whatever else he wants to do (only eat cookies for dinner, stay up all night reading books, try out magic) is fine. His scene of berating Lewis for releasing Izzard from his grave is him going into a 1 disintegration – suddenly enforcing the rules and punishment for them, out of pure stress. He doesn’t care what criticisms others level at him; he likes to be seen as eccentric and individualistic, and is non-emotionally expressive and holds his pain within and is firm, a bit hedonistic, but also hates and avoids conflict.