Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Whitney cannot wait to get out of Smallville. He longs for bigger things, better things. He dreams of becoming a football star for the team in Metropolis. He becomes incredibly depressed when his dad’s illness makes him believe he may be stuck in the family store for the rest of his life. Whitney loves being physical – and this gets him into trouble. He’s good at improvising in the environment to take care of people he loves, but is prone to risk-taking; he falls in with a bunch of thrill-seeking boys, and becomes part of a gang for awhile who use meteor-rock-tattoos to walk through walls. Whitney joins the marines and ships out, then goes on to SPOILER save his fellow soldiers and get killed in combat. Since Whitney tends to live so much in the moment, he cannot fathom his feelings for Lana ever changing – and somewhat unreasonably, asks her to “wait for me.” He thinks he has a future with Lana, and holds onto it even when his life radically changes–after he joins the marines. He deeply internalizes his emotions; when his dad becomes sick, Whitney doesn’t talk to anyone. Clark has to push him to open up to Lana and tell her what is truly going on. He tends to become internalized whenever his emotions are high; the deeper the situation is (his dad’s heart attacks), the less he opens up … but his feelings for Lana, and about Clark, ride on the surface. His loyalty to his friends causes conflict with Lana, since he has more of a “people make their own choices” mentality (yes, cheating was wrong, but they’re good guys… I’m going to stand by them). He acts on his feelings, sometimes for the good (he does defend Lex and confront the others about what they are doing is “wrong” when they blackmail Lex with a disc) and sometimes for the bad–such as when, out of resentment / jealousy toward Clark liking his girlfriend, he chooses Clark to be “this year’s scarecrow.” He does not question his own actions so much as chooses to act on them. Whitney wants to achieve a certain amount of external success–to do something worthwhile with his life.Whitney senses Clark “likes” his girlfriend and doesn’t like it. He becomes depressed when he feels like he’s “stuck” with no way to move forward (inferior Ni).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Whitney longs for bigger and better things and feels deep resentment that he is stuck in Smallville and cannot have a more impressive life. His entire identity wraps around his football stardom, and he chooses a career that will impress others in the military but also allow him to help them. Whitney at first is deeply egocentric and arrogant, immature and out of touch with his feelings; he hides the truth about his dad’s illness from Lana rather than talk about it, and excludes her from the truth. He absorbs himself in work and pleasurable distractions to avoid thinking about it. He likes to be praised and thought well of, can be mean and a bully, but also has a side that wants love, acceptance, and recognition. He can be manipulative at times, not wanting to face up to the realization that he isn’t as good as his ego would have him believe.