Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Lewis loves to learn and has an excellent memory for what he picks up; but he also tends to read things on a surface level, and not think beyond the obvious unless someone else plants an idea in his mind. He assumes because someone is nice to him, they want to be friends – and actively tries to keep that friendship, by showing off using magic – taking the abstract and achieving tangible results. He assumes because he has gotten magic to “work” before, that he can use it in far more meaningful and impacting ways. Like many ISTJs, Lewis is an active bookworm with an excellent capacity to recall information stored in his head. He is an expert on many different kinds of things, due to all the facts he has stockpiled through his extensive reading. He instantly sees how to use magic in logical ways, through applying it to cleaning up his room, so he does not have to. Lewis often takes action on all his feelings – from learning magic to trying out a resurrection spell in the hope that “if it works, I can bring back my parents.” He’s an effective problem solver, but not always aware of how his actions can backfire (low intuition). Lewis carries around a lot of pain from losing his parents, but never says a word; he suffers in silence. He tries to make friends, but finds it hard to read how others think about him (to him, wearing goggles all the time is what he loves to do, and it doesn’t strike him as “weird” until someone points it out, and says he might want to take them off to “fit in better”). Once Lewis learns the truth about his “friend,” he’s able to be more discerning – and respond to those who show a genuine interest in him, rather than trying to bond with a boy who is only using him. Since he’s a child, his intuition does not show well, except in his futuristic thinking (if I learn magic, I’ll have power, and if I have power, I can raise people from the dead, and if I can raise people from the dead, maybe I can bring back my dead parents!) and in his gradual understanding of how to perform magic in his own unique way (that abstract concept is totally lost on him at first).

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Lewis is driven by anxiety but wants desperately for other people to love and connect to him. He is warm and friendly at school, seeking to win over friends and impress them into hanging out with him. He becomes anxious at the idea of disobeying his uncle’s one rule, and tries to make things right with him and Florence after he raises an evil wizard from the dead. He has a desire to make a “family” out of their little band of “freaks,” and celebrates being weird together. He hides from the real world behind his books; he buries himself in them, to escape reality. He loves learning and knowledge and has excellent focus, but no real interest in applying himself in the external world. He is award in it, withdrawn from it, and unsure how to proceed in a school environment. He turns to books for all the answers to his problems – to learn, to understand, and is ultimately drawn to a girl who shares the same sort of interests.