Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Jonathan is an all American farmer at heart; he’s content to live on and work the land that has been in his family for generations. He’s proud of his heritage and his past. He is cautious in his decisions. Most of all, though, his personal experiences, and those of others, color and influence all his decisions; his acquaintance with Lionel and how he “screwed Pete’s father out of the corn factory” biases him against Lex and makes him suspicious of Luther Corp (because if they have dirty dealt once, they’ll do it again). He pinches pennies. He crunches numbers. Everything has a bottom line and a price tag attached to Jonathan. Logic is his go-to when dealing with problems; it’s also his default when handling the Luthers, where he frequently puts his foot down and is wary of their business deals (what will be the consequences of trusting them?). Jonathan tries to exert some measure of control over the farm and his family, to keep them safe; this also leads him to be blunt and, on occasion, lay down “the law” on his son (who naturally rebels, causing conflict). “No means no.” When Jonathan refuses to do something, he doesn’t change his mind. Nor does he alter his views to keep people happy, or soften his advice or moral code to be “polite.” Jonathan can be incredibly moral and ethical, with strong values that disapprove intensely of the decisions made by the Luthors; he can also refuse to back down or give anyone leeway that he doesn’t trust. But his motives are pure: he wants to keep his son safe. Due to his fearful inferior Ne, Jonathan is paranoid, with good reason; he doesn’t know what the Luthers are going to do, or what their grand design is, only that in the past they have proven themselves to be untrustworthy… so he is dutiful and cautious in dealing with them. He has a tendency to “wait for the worst” to happen and to warn his son against becoming too friendly with Lex. Fear of the future keeps him on his toes, but also means not always letting Clark do what he wants to do… like play football.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Jonathan is all about duty, honor, and doing the right thing, which enables him to teach Clark how to be a responsible, moral person. He makes Clark return a truck Lex gives him as a gift, because he believes good actions should not receive “rewards” (especially from people as untrustworthy as the Luthors). Clark and he often conflict on matters of moral integrity, since he can be rigid in his belief system, self-confident and self-assured in being right, and find it incredibly hard to apologize or back down from his gut-fixed angry reactions. Jonathan’s 2 wing makes his 1 even more inclined to moralize and stand up for himself; he has a black and white view of the behaviors of Lionel and his son, and wants nothing to do with them or their negative influence on his family. But his 2 wing also believes in being selfless and hard-working, giving in the expectation of establishing solid relationships.