Martha has a warm and generous heart, easily touched by anyone in need of empathy; she doesn’t hesitate to take in Clark when they find him as a child, nor to hide him from the authorities when they discover his “super abilities.” Martha is compassionate toward Lex, Lionel, Lana, Chloe, and just about everyone else she encounters, willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and fight for them if need be. She sometimes conflicts with Jonathan for “being rude,” or “ungenerous” to others. She lives in a dual world of missing her former life of action and being in the business world, and contentment in a simple life in Smallville. Martha takes comfort in a certain level of predictability and sameness. She evaluates people on her personal interactions with them, and does not often read between the lines in their behavior based on more than their previous encounters (this leads her to be somewhat gullible with Lionel). She is down to earth, practical, and sentimental; she wants her son to have “as normal a life” as possible, and is a bit traditional in certain of her values… but also more open-minded than Jonathan when it comes to making decisions and “considering possibilities” beyond what is obvious; she is open to allowing the Luthers to assist them in keeping the farm, and in exploring new options. Martha steps into her husband’s senatorial seat after his death and widens her scope. She hungers for new activities and ideas to excite her imagination and is fairly good at seeing what is “truly going on” with the people around her (knowing Clark’s inner secrets about Lana, and some of Jonathan’s true motives). Most of her decisions are motivated through her emotions, but her inferior Ti causes plenty of trouble. It is difficult for her to evaluate people objectively, particularly when she loves them; Martha is manipulated by Lionel because she prefers to see him in a romantic, tormented light rather than pause and reflect on the motives behind his “kindness.” But she is also fairly good at evaluating people’s decisions (including her own) and urging them to step away from sentimentality and embrace a new life (like urging Clark to sell the farm and start over in Metropolis).

Enneagram: 2w3 sp/so

Martha is hard-working and selfless. She is forever contributing to good causes around town, and taking on others’ personal needs as her own. She turns up at bake sales with food, and tries to guide her son and husband in ways she sees fit. She often mediates between them, attempting to get them to reach common ground, and appeals to them with a 2’s persuasive tactics. But she can also be firm under pressure, and decisive when it comes to protecting her family. Though she quit her high-profile job in Metropolis to be helpful to her husband, she misses it—and feels happiest when allowed to do greater things. Her 3 wing loves to work for Lionel and feel powerful. It easily steps into her husband’s senate seat and even runs for reelection.