Lois is a “here and now” kind of girl. She’s able to notice what’s going on around her and pick up on the smallest possible details (unless she’s drunk, and even then she’s still aware of her environment). Her ability to think fast and take immediate action saves her life on many occasions. Lois loves to have a good time. She tends to rush headlong into situations before considering all her options – sometimes Clark has to literally drag her away from a fight. She refuses to take anything at face value, but instead questions everything with an earnest desire to get to the truth. It doesn’t matter if it’s finding out what Clark is hiding or digging up dirt on someone, Lois constantly asks questions. She is quick to notice inconsistencies and unafraid to point them out using her rapier wit. Her willingness to put aside what she wants to make other people happy is one of the many things Clark finds frustrating and attractive about her. Lois nearly refuses to marry him because each moment he spends with her, he could be using to save lives. She vigorously defends the people she loves and will do anything to protect them. Even when she lacks evidence, Lois knows when something is wrong. Though she denies it, Lois is a little bit of a dreamer. She also has a clear image of Clark’s future potential and tries to help him actualize that vision (inferior Ni).

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sx

Lois doesn’t like wimps. She isn’t going to be one, either. Proud of her army brat status, she can kick your butt all over the place if she thinks you need it. As a social 8, she has a softer approach to people, seeing them as needing her to help and protect them rather than wanting to dominate them. Her 7 wing gives her a playful, fun-loving energy that Martha doesn’t always appreciate (such as when she finds Lois and Clark in the same bathroom half-dressed). She can be rebellious, aggressive, and suspicious. She becomes analytical and paranoid under stress (moving to 5). It’s hard for her to open up into her feelings, but she does grow more confident in sharing that vulnerable side of herself (growing into 2). Her 7 makes her extra fearless and love throwing herself into an adventure, as well as not wanting to face her darker side or get stuck in “boring” things like repeating a grade.