Chloe believes all the “freaks” in Smallville are connected to the meteor shower. She covers her wall with photos, news stories, and other “evidence” of surreal events in an attempt to build a broad, networking concept. Her principle often accuses her of reporting without facts, using hypothesis and speculation to draw big picture concepts. Chloe trusts her instincts but isn’t hesitant to change hypothesis when Clark throws logical explanations or excuses in her path. She knows something is up with Clark and is intent on finding out what it is. Once she learns his true identity, Chloe realizes the greater potential for his powers and seeks to protect him in whatever way she can. Chloe is seriously indecisive about anything that relates to her feelings (she cannot decide whether to give up on Clark and stay in a relationship with him or give up, since he only has eyes for Lana). She dumps Clark shortly after the prom fearing he’s going to dump her first, kind of a counter-move to protect her feelings. Chloe resists others’ attempts to control her, and because she feels so strongly about her own abandonment, she doesn’t understand why Clark doesn’t want to “find his real parents.” Chloe temporarily is “fired” from her job as Editor of The Torch for printing material her principle disapproves of. She champions causes in print, and often battles “the establishment.” Chloe is an effective hacker, unlike her ENFP boyfriend Jimmy, who is always digging to get to the bottom of things, looking for loopholes in the law (to get around her illegal activities), covering her own tracks, and trying to understand what’s motivating everything. Chloe often misreads situations emotionally, but also needs to share her feelings (she reads aloud a love letter to Clark when he’s unconscious to avoid being rejected by him). It’s hard for her to respect others’ boundaries and not cross over them in her desire to learn everything about them. Her inferior Si gets her in trouble at school, when the principle accuses her of “writing articles based on theories without proof (details). She holds on to grudges and feelings past their due date, and uses her personal experiences as guideposts in offering others advice (she warns Lana not to have sex until she really believes she loves the other person, because her first time was disappointing).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Chloe is hard-working and ambitious. She has her eye on being an ace reporter for the Daily Planet, and is determined to show her worth in running a successful school newspaper. When the principle suspends her as the editor and turns it over to Lana, Chloe is deeply insulted and suspects her best friend of plotting against her – because her entire identity and self is wrapped up in The Torch, and she is nothing without it. Chloe wants to win, or she won’t try at all, which shows in her on-and-off crush on Clark. She is afraid he will pick Lana over her every time, so she constantly backs away from asserting her love for him. She is good at delegating and has high personal standards for others, in addition to herself; she is annoyed when the other students do not turn in their work on time, or slack off, because they don’t find reporting as important as she does. When given the chance to break a big story, Chloe will sacrifice her safety and well-being to do it. She thinks she is being “helpful” in showing society the dark underbelly of criminals. Her 2 wing can also be overpowering with Clark, since she often intrudes into his personal life, finding out things about his adoption, all in an effort to win him over and be “helpful.” She’s effective at hiding his secrets and protecting him as a friend, though, showing a 2’s devotion to others and loyalty.