Lana Lang is often haunted by the past image of her as the ‘sad little girl in the fairy princess costume,’ and she carries deep sentiment for past items (for example: she originally wears the necklace her mother left behind and has difficulty letting go of the Talon when moving to France). She also often looks to the past for answers (for example: using her mother’s journal behind her reasoning to quit cheer-leading in the first season). Lana’s repeated frustrations and disappointments with Clark missing dates and never explaining his actions to her contribute to her overall picture of him, and make her reluctant to date him for awhile. Lana is very empathetic, and often volunteers to help Clark in his altruistic pursuits whenever she can. She is very intimidated by confrontation and remains in a relationship with Whitney for quite some time due to pity. Lana is comfortable talking about how she feels, and often looks to express these feelings with the other characters to gain some form of comfort when something goes wrong. She tends to give people the benefit of the doubt, and will crusade on their behalf if she sees an injustice being done to them. Though she leads with her emotions when asking Lex to preserve the Talon out of sentimentality toward her parents’ history there, when he asks her to give him a reason to keep the theater open, she analyzes the situation and comes up with a money-making endeavor: a coffee shop. Lana is very intellectually curious and has a burning need to understand people and events. This curiosity leads her to become sucked into Lex’s obsession with the spaceship in season four. Her inferior Ne shows in her tendency to change her mind often and switch her life course. Although Lana strives to be more independent, she doesn’t create one set goal for herself in order to be considered as such. She often experiments with lifestyles, choosing to move from cheerleader to coffee maker at the Talon to ‘girl who goes to Paris’ in order to see where she belongs. Lana is the only character upon high school graduation who is not entirely sure if she wants to go to college.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Lana wants more than anything to be loved, so she finds ways to serve others to get that – by staying with Whitney when he goes off to war because she feels he needs him; by volunteering at the old folks’ home and being there for her friends; by giving Clark chances, and being annoyed when he doesn’t reciprocate or show up on time to a date (she doesn’t understand why he’s chronically late). Lana wants total honesty in all her emotional relationships and demands it of her partners, expecting them to be open in their communication with her and sharing of all their secrets. 2s want no barriers between them and others. She has a fiery tendency to assert herself, to express her feelings frankly, and to shift into 8-ish aggression under stress or when she’s angry (telling people off, taking self-defense lessons, working actively against Lex when she finds out he has manipulated her, and conning him out of an enormous amount of money). Her 1 wing makes her want to be moral and often lecture others on their bad behaviors.