From the first moment Lex meets Clark, he knows Clark is special, the incident on the bridge is significant, and Clark is concealing his identity. No matter how many ways Clark proves to him that he is “normal,” Lex continues pursuing the truth. He finds it hard to believe that Clark could get so many places, save so many people, and be impervious to harm, even when he has tested him multiple times. Lex is a master at strategic thinking in terms of his professional life, continually matching and trying to outsmart his father’s business proposals and dealings. His ultimate ambition is to become a global leader or president. Lex is hesitant to take action toward that end until he is certain of success. He takes a lot of time to mull over decisions before committing to them and is unwavering in his resolve to make his visionary concepts real. Lex differs from his father in that he always thinks in a collective sense; when he wants to buy out his father, he mobilizes the people who own stock in the company to buy shares against him, and then gets upset when his father figures out what he is doing and threatens to revoke all their mortgages (since he has now bought the banks that hold them). Lionel is forever on him for being “too emotional,” for listening to his feelings, and for being “weak.” Lex as a child was intuitive and emotionally insightful enough to know that if his father thought he smothered his brother in his crib, he would let Lex and his mother survive, but if he knew his wife had done it, “she would be like the lamb lead to the slaughter.” Lex goes out of his way to make the Kents like him, always offering them a hand with the farm, overdoing his generous gifts, and taking Jonathan’s distrust personally. He is quite good at talking people in and out of things and being emotionally insightful (pushing Clark to take his chance with Lana, and then encouraging Lana to let go of the past and embrace the future). He can also be manipulative, as his morals ebb away… for example, he has no rational reason to rub Clark’s nose in his relationship with Lana, but he does it. He says he wants Clark at their wedding “to see what you lost.” He plays mind games with Lana and even fakes a pregnancy so that she will marry him, not realizing the damage it will do to their relationship when the truth comes out. When Lois Lane trashes him for taking a photo shoot at the Talon and sneers at his shady business practices, he insults her by insinuating all she does is peddle muffins. He also has a desperate need to understand what is going on at all times, to make sense of it, and is like a dog with a bone—even when it eats up his free time and resources, Lex won’t let go of his endless questions around Clark’s identity, the cave paintings, etc. His inferior Se is the bane of his life, because he over-indulges his sexual and expensive appetites (his tendency to love them and leave them almost gets him killed). He tries to buy Kent loyalty with expensive loans and gifts. Lex is not an avid risk-taker, but sometimes places himself in dangerous positions… and he drives too fast.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Lex is ambitious, though he does not always admit to it – one of the earliest “visions” a psychic has of him is his desire to become the president; throughout the series, he focuses on seeming successful, achieving his goals, putting on a courageous front under pressure, refusing to give in to his father’s bullying tactics, and in achieving success. His 3 makes him lack introspection, focusing instead on making the most of situations and achieving success; he’s very angry when his father makes him look bad, and often wears a social mask appropriate to the situation – being more remorseful and compassionate with the Kents, more direct and assertive with his father, more seductive with women, and aggressive with reporters. Being the best, competing to win, coming out on top, and having power are important to him. His 2 wing drives his desperate desire for love from his father as well as makes him manipulative of Clark and the Kents – giving them gifts in an attempt to “buy” their love. He doesn’t trust Lana not to leave him, so he manipulates her into believing she’s pregnant, to make her stay with him.