Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Allan is self-contained, somewhat stoic, and a bit distant. He engages with no one at dinner but Esther, because he finds her of a similar mind to him (compassionate toward the poor). Rather than write of his affections, he shows them through gestures — the sending of a small bunch of posieys and inquiring after her in his letters. He is shocked and a bit offended when she turns down his proposal of marriage because she as accepted another man, because he thought it was understood that he loves her. Instead, his proposal comes a bit out of nowhere, and then he bluntly argues that she should marry him instead of Jarndyce, because he is not an old man. Allan has no interest in his mother’s social class systems, does not care if Esther is illegitimate, and has no interest in appealing to outside society. He cannot earn a living because he spends so much of his time attending to the poor and those who need his assistance. As a result, he often complains of having no money and then shrugs about it, as if it is nothing he can change. Allan is blunt and sometimes offensive to others, since he doesn’t sugarcoat his words. He is a competent medical man who can be found, at all hours, attending to the needs of the poor in the slums and streets of London, and not making a living at it. He goes off to sea as a naval surgeon and becomes heroic in his rescue of other soldiers during a shipwreck, then returns to England a hero. He falls in love with Esther the minute he sets eyes on her, and returns to claim her hand. He complains about his inability to find paid work or earn a living, but does nothing to change it, showing an inability to think beyond the present moment and the needs of his patients. He becomes fixated on the idea of marrying Esther and working toward that ideal in his mind, but his forward thinking stops there, apart from occasional musings on what to do about his patients.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Allan spends all his time attending to people in need and supporting them; but he also enjoys being a positive voice on their behalf, and championing their right to medicine. He can be combative in asserting himself against others on their behalf, but also is courageous, outspoken, and compassionate – he shows everyone kindness and does his best to take care of Richard, though the young man does not want to allow it. Allan likes to be seen as an advocate for others and has no interest in appealing to anyone who has no interest in what he cares about, namely medicine. He has a strong moralistic streak and sometimes lectures others on their appropriate behavior. He cannot imagine Esther marrying for security and not love.