Functional Order: Ti-Ne-Si-Fe

Mr. Bucket has a highly analytical mind. He doesn’t just accept what others tell him, he has to poke and prod and pull at it, until it makes sense to him. He has a methodical way of approaching the murder, in which he gathers information and reasons internally, but also muses out loud, often not finishing his internal thoughts and causing confusion in others. His desire to be thorough keeps him in the office much longer than anyone expects, and exasperates the secretary working there, since he automatically uses all available resources, from pinches of snuff when out gathering facts to drinking up all the wine on the sideboard. He can be tactless at times, though he tries not to be (telling Esther the first place they look for people is in the river, then the morgue, then hospitals). Bucket has a desire to get along with people and is good-natured; faced with arresting a dying man, he tries to soothe him and convince him to get better, just to give Mr. Tulkinghorn trouble. He has empathy for Joe. He also sets up a woman to expose herself as having committed a crime, by preying on her over-reactive intent to harm her mistress. In that sense, he plays small mind games with her. He appears to know who committed the crime much earlier than he lets on to other people, and is merely poking around attempting to figure out the details and get the person to incriminate themselves. His insight allows him to figure out the connection between Lady Dedlock and Esther with only superficial evidence. He gets a read on the murderer simply by being around their aggressive personality and then looks for ways to prove it. He can be quite picky about gathering details, and fastidious in doing so. Bucket has a calm and quiet home life, and prefers routine. He does not rush things.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Bucket has a calm and composed manner about him, and remains unruffled and stoic on the outside even when other people are losing their temper around him. He doesn’t enjoy conflict, but has a moralistic streak to him (those who do wrong, deserve to be arrested for it). Bucket kind of seeps into spaces and fills them, diffusing the intense energy and not picking up on others’ signals (as an INTP) – he likes comfort and routine and to do things at an unhurried pace, which at times exasperates the people around him.