Functional Order: Fi-Ne-Si-Te

Aurora is a gentle, sweet, and emotional girl who easily talks about her feelings in the wood to her animal friends. She muses on her thoughts and her reaction to the dream, while wondering if such things can come true. She questions through her song the nature of love and princes. Aurora easily connects to the animals and finds common ground with them. She is tender and submissive toward her caretakers, but does not question things, falls in love quite easily, and tends to act on her feelings most of the time (running away from Philip, changing her mind about him, and hoping to see him again). Aurora is never quite present in the wood, but instead thinking and idealizing, romanticizing her future and wondering about it. She has a naive idealism and innocence, but does not believe her dream is real — just something that she wishes could be real and hopes will come true. She flits around singing about romance while picking berries in the wood, dancing around with the woodland creatures, and taking care of the cottage. She has never wondered how she came to be there, or if the three women taking care of her are in fact her godmothers. When they announce she is a princess and must return to the castle and her arranged marriage, Aurora is shocked. She is not sure she wants to let go of what she knows or the dreams she had about the nice prince in the wood.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Aurora is gentle, kind, and peaceful, compliant and good-natured, eager to fall in love and not overly suspicious of other people. Though told not to talk to strangers in the wood and resistant at first, she then dances with the Prince and becomes fond of him, even romantically attached to him quickly in her desire to find love and merge with another person. She is compliant and earnest, forgiving and genuine, and does not have a strong or rebellious streak, unlike a lot of the later princesses. She wants to be obedient and well-behaved.