Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Patrick’s attentiveness to detail, ability to remember all his training, and former experience both in medical school and in practice, make him an effective and excellent doctor. He trusts in the established methods of practice, often consulting medical books and specialists in areas in which he has little personal experience. He enjoys taking part in local events, since sharing experiences and participating in traditions give him a sense of closeness to his community. Patrick has such a strong remembrance of the past that he sometimes struggles to overcome personal hurts, and finds it hard to completely move on. Though not a man of great inventiveness himself, he is interested in new technology and unbothered when asked to make work changes. He senses what’s happening with Shelagh’s feelings toward him, even though she never says anything for a long time, but she has to tell him that Timothy is falling in love with their new au pair (inferior Ne). Whenever diagnosing a patient, Patrick gets straight to the point, not only in medical terms (which he rattles off without pause) but in the symptoms as well. He is an efficient doctor, able to organize his time and files, to tackle a huge workload, and make tough decisions when necessary, in the heat of the moment, without allowing his emotions to get in the way. Patrick prefers to deal in facts and immediately starts using new medical equipment when it becomes available, since it assists him in his job as well as provides comfort to his patients. He’s able to lay out the specifics of how to do things, in a manner others can easily follow and understand. While an intensely romantic man, his emotions are very private; it takes Patrick ages to work up the courage to tell Shelagh how he feels about her – instead, in the months preceding, he shows her his love through actions (kindness, attentiveness, looks, and a silent form of adoring communication). Patrick isn’t comfortable talking at length about his feelings, so he shies away from relating his post-wartime traumas and experiences.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Patrick is a hard working perfectionist, who finds it difficult to take time off work or allow others to take over aspects of the practice. He has such confidence in his diagnosis that he is shaken completely when he learns he has been prescribing dangerous drugs that have caused babies to have malformations in their limbs — he sees it as a breach of his sacred oath, and becomes emotional about it, because he has done something (however unintentionally) wrong. He is principled and idealistic, enthusiastic about how to improve things in Poplar, but also has a warm desire through his 2 wing to serve others in a practical, hands-on way.