Barbara wants to make a good impression and to be liked. She goes out of her way to help others, even when it is a great inconvenience for herself (like, running errands for them while they are in hospital). She has a natural warmth and gregariousness about her, and is unafraid to open up emotionally about her past, her experiences, and her work. Though she makes a clumsy start, she soon wins over even Sister Evangelina. Because she is so eager to help people, Barbara doesn’t always think through the ramifications of doing so, or of volunteering to do things in her time off. This means she’s often scrambling at the last minute to try and get everything done. She is reluctant to analyze people, but can also provide insights into their nature when asked. Barbara has good arguments for all of her decisions. She pays attention to things and takes notice of them, referencing them later when talking to other people (like, noticing how Trixie “likes her nip”). She sometimes points back to her own experiences, her knowledge in nursing, etc., when diagnosing problems. Barbara often refers to her upbringing as a cleric’s daughter and has somewhat traditional views as a result; she tries to align her behavior with what is expected of someone in her position and is not altogether comfortable embracing new things immediately… but she is very open to them, also, and willing to try out new medical procedures rather than cling to the old, established method of doing things. Barbara is clever in coming up with ways to get around problems and coming up with possible outcomes to a situation, most of which are positive in nature. She’s interested in learning about different things, and has a good eye for noticing connections between people and guessing as to their motivations. But she does not always put two and two together (noticing Trixie drinks too much, but not realizing she is an alcoholic).

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Barbara has a warm and generous personality. She gives, and gives, and gives… often volunteering when she doesn’t have to, and winds up making costumes late into the night for social functions as a result. She makes the perfect vicar’s wife, since she’s willing to do everything needed for the church functions and doesn’t mind tagging along on long bus rides. She feels fulfilled in her job of helping people and can see them through difficult things. Her 1 wing makes her principled and focused on doing the right thing; she has a commitment to serving in the kindest, best way possible (she’s not above reminding her future husband they need to be appropriate and not get too intimate before the wedding).