Winifred has a very warm and affable personality, often inclined to try and make people laugh in order to alleviate the tension in a bad situation or to offer encouragement to others. Winifred becomes upset if she accidentally insults someone or says the wrong thing; having encouragement, support, and affirmation help her do her best and find self-confidence. She goes out of her way to help other people by smoothing things over between them, showing them something pretty to lift their spirits, or reminding them how brave they are and can be. Not one to be stumped by a problem, Winifred will try first one solution and then another, thinking through the situation from different angles before determining a course of action. She will sometimes turn up the next day with a new method to try out, or an analogy she has come up with to illustrate a logical point (inferior Ti). She loves her little anecdotes about past incidents, things she has seen, stories she has heard, and situations she has been in. She uses them to frame her worldview, call upon previous experience in dealing with new situations, and entertain and amuse others. She likes a certain degree of sameness and consistency in her life (and is frustrated when she can’t figure out how to make her mother’s winter loaf!). Winifred is a little hesitant to begin midwifery because she has no previous experience, but once she has a successful delivery she feels more at ease and no longer has misgivings about trusting herself to know what to do. She is quite captivated by new ideas and often draws unexpected parallels between situations – referencing movies she has… um, heard about, books she has read, or previous life experiences. Winifred often tries telling a story to illustrate a point. She is somewhat fearful of doing things wrong until she has mastered them, but also looks forward to things to come.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Winifred is a loving and generous woman of strong opinions. Initially, she was a schoolteacher because she loved to teach the young ones. She eventually leaves off being a midwife to go to an orphanage, where she feels the most needed by kids with mental and physical handicaps. Winifred finds it very difficult to be disapproved of or disliked, and goes out her way to help people even when it’s inconvenient to herself. She has a strong 1 wing. She isn’t above breaking the rules of the order (sneaking into movies and pretending she hasn’t been there) but also believes in moral principles. She is the most outspoken of the sisters when it comes to having a view of right and wrong — she reminds others of the “sins” of abortion, premarital sex, and homosexuality. She disapproves of her friend, when she becomes pregnant outside of wedlock, because she is “setting a poor example” to her students. Once her friend reaps the consequences of being pregnant, however, Winifred self-berates for having “judged her, instead of loving her.” Like all healthy 1 wingers, she corrects her own behavior, and feels bad for not living up to a higher standard of kindness.

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