Violet is a businesswoman who spends a great deal of her time being a social organizer, running for political office, and mobilizing people toward community group efforts ranging from public picnics to providing housing assistance for the under-privileged. She always considers the impact her decisions have on the community, and often makes decisions out of a sense of compassion (such as when she rigs a baby basket give-away, to award it to a woman who did not even know she was pregnant and therefore has nothing “ready” for the baby). She is forthcoming with her feelings, confiding in Fred her worries that their son’s girlfriend “may not feel the same way about him; I just don’t want Reggie to get hurt!” but once knowing “she feels the same!” she relaxes. She shows a great deal of charitable tolerance for Fred’s daughter not liking her, and reassures her that she has no intention of replacing her mother in Fred’s heart. She urges him to put up a picture of his dead wife with the rest of their family. Violet will sometimes urge others to step back and let her think about something, before she decides, but this more out of a Fe-dom desire for fairness and inclusion (not preferred treatment) than her inferior Ti. She has built up a successful business that has long-term clients, unlike Fred who is more of an “odd jobs man” who dabbles in a bunch of different things. She has the same routine with her shop every week (when Fred calls one of her suppliers late, he has to come up with reasons why “their usual order wasn’t placed on the right date”) and keeps track of all the details of her clients, from their children’s ages to their preferred hair ribbon colors. She even remembers Fred’s first wife, and his two daughters. Violet easily handles the dozens of details and red-tape involved in being a politician; she wants to make sure they are following all the regulations and doing things “properly.” Her lower Ne is interested in new ideas for fun community events, and eager to “keep current.”

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Violet is ambitious, hard-working, and successful. She also manages to avoid looking foolish or humiliated, and keeps her temper even when Fred’s daughter is horrible to her. She’s aware of how things look, and wants to keep up appearances. She fusses over the presentation of her shop and how her loved ones appear. Violet has the self-confidence to run for public office and win, though she appreciates the support of her friends. She is objective when she makes decisions for the good of the community, but is not above bending the rules for a good cause. Her 2 wing is genuinely helpful, protective, and invested in others’ lives.