Fred is a warm, generous, and friendly man who goes out of his way to help anyone who deserves it, and who tackles community projects with a we mentality. He participates in local group projects (helps out with the Cubs, is in the Night Watch, etc) and often tries to find ways to entertain others, such as organizing community picnics or events, including one that dumps a bunch of sand in front of Nonnotus House! He acts so much with his heart (in adopting a boy who needs him, in choosing to help out his neighbors) that he doesn’t leave much room for thinking things through, something that frustrates his more business-minded wife, Violet. But Fred is quite good at fixing things around the house, and at coming up with interesting (if convoluted) explanations for his ideas. He is willing to discuss and consider just about anything, does not take insults too personally, and often plays fast and loose with the law. He has a sense of how to get along in the world and likes things to remain the same. Fred is often championing doing something that is familiar to the community to bring them together–he wants to participate in all the annual events and organize new ones (picnics, raffles, trips out to the country, etc). He faithfully shows up to work every day and gets the job done, as well as performs odd jobs all around the neighborhood for anyone who needs him. For awhile, Fred has an over-active tert-Ne. He has a different racket going on every time we see him, from raising pigs to making candies at the same time he’s butchering and selling chickens, and taking a chance on the law not finding out. He moves from one thing to the next, making a small profit, always chasing something new and better, until he finds contentment in a marriage, which grounds him and helps him live more for the present.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Fred is somewhat lazy about how he intends to make things work out, and it doesn’t often occur to him to think about the legal repercussions of his schemes. He is so kind and sweet that he cannot tell an over-bearing sister that he has other things to do, and cannot cart her around everywhere. His concerned wife goes to Sister Julienne and informs her how much money Fred is losing out on, by being unable to say no — so Julienne makes sure to compensate him in a sweet and compassionate way that won’t hurt his pride or allow him to refuse. He is mild-mannered and kind to everyone he meets. And… somewhat lazy about the future. He’s reached his 60s with no plans for the future, no retirement fund, and nothing to show for his time except a good sense of humor and a hearty appetite. But he is also hard-working, principled, and believes in doing what’s right.