Nurse Crane is all business. She marches into Nonnatus House and decides to put all to rights, by categorizing, organizing, and telling them where their cleanliness methods are lacking. She starts implementing systems that improve their system immediately (among them, a Rolodex) and doesn’t much mind if other people object to her efficiency. Nurse Crane is used to giving orders and expects them to be obeyed. She prioritizes efficiency over tradition every time, which causes her to clash with Sister Evangelina. Though brisk and blunt, Nurse Crane has a rich heart that really does care about her patients. She does not open up easily about her own feelings, but she will admit that losing patients and babies is hard for her. It’s uncomfortable for her to comfort others, but she does try and connect to them on an individual, personal level by doing kind things for them (inferior Fi). She believes in a straightforward, hands-on approach that includes regularly making use of, accessing, and referencing back to her tremendous knowledge banks and former experience. Nurse Crane instructs others how to deliver difficult babies and handle new experiences by setting an example and believing others can learn from her experiences. She is a bit traditional in some of her viewpoints, but also… open to change, to the idea of allowing men in the birthing room, to new ideas that create easier ways to get their work done, etc. Nurse Crane is insightful and attentive to the people around her, noticing their weaknesses and strengths as well as their potential. She often guesses what’s happening before others do.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Phyllis gets off on the wrong foot almost at once because she came into the house, saw the many ways to improve the cleanliness and organizational system, and did it. She brings along her Rolodex and super strong opinions about people and their places, their behavior, and what is appropriate and what is not. She calmly but firmly asserts herself, out of a sense that she knows what is best, and it is a new, improved method of doing things. Phyllis can be somewhat brisk at times, but ultimately is principled, dutiful, and highly responsible. Her 2 wing makes her willing to voice her opinions. She chose a profession that enables her to care for other people; she sees no one as worthy of more attention than another, and stands up for them on the basis that all of them are human beings with value simply because they are alive. She doesn’t care what race they are or how much money they make; she’s here to care for them and ensure each has the best possible treatment the state can provide.