Delia wants a “normal” life just like heterosexual couples have, for her and Patsy to set up and keep house, to cook meals for each other, and take vacations with each other. She points out how other girls do it, innocently, and no one suspects the truth, and takes steps to make it happen. Through her knowing of Patsy and listening to her talk about nursing, Delia is able to talk a woman through childbirth on the phone. Proving to herself that she can do it leads her to want to become a midwife. Delia can become preoccupied with wanting the world to change too soon, and impatient to reach her goals. She indulges the idea of a career change and is excited about the future in general. Delia is compassionate and sensitive, easily hurt but willing to forgive. She prioritizes the feelings of those she cares about most (her parents, Patsy) and tries to please them, even at times when it means sacrificing what she wants most. Yet, there is also a streak of strong independence in Delia – she wants to be accepted for who she is, and live her lifestyle in public. It bothers her that she cannot hold hands or dance with Patsy in public, so she seeks out environments with people “like us” in which to express those feelings through action, rather than statements. Being in a group helps her feel more accepted and safer. Once in awhile, she can be blunt, but Delia mostly confines her thinking process to problem solving and making plans for her future. She is full of practical advice, and is always articulate in stating what she wants.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Delia most of all wants to live according to the truth of herself, but finds herself hiding it from her loved ones and her parents, fearful they may reject her because of her homosexuality. She wants to live out her life in the open with the one person who is most important to her, and feels very rejected and hurt whenever Patsy snaps or snarls at her — but instantly forgives her. Being around the other midwives gives her that ambition for herself. Warm and friendly, but also at times assertive, Delia hints at her needs more than she outright says them. Her 1 wing tries to abide by her mother’s wishes, and respect her father “not knowing the truth” about her lesbianism. She is willing to not talk about it, out of deference to his feelings, because it feels like the right thing to do, for her.