Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Practical, down to earth, and present, Patsy’s previous experience in a war prison camp gives her insight into others’ similar experiences, as well as influences her career decisions. She felt “pulled” toward nursing at an early age, and enjoys it now because it allows her to serve in the moment, while building on her extensive knowledge of procedure. Patsy recognizes when something is unfamiliar, or not as it should be, which helps her diagnose and treat unusual ailments. She gets a sense of enjoyment out of serving with the other girls, as a collective group with ties to the long-standing profession of midwifery. She is more than willing to think up unusual possibilities, when confronted with a problem or undiagnosed injury. Patsy has an instinctive “knowing” that one man’s illness is tied to his time in a prison camp, and uses that to spur on more ideas: what it might be, how it can be cured, and what we can do to fix it, but her brainstorming session with Dr. Turner is all tied to a specific purpose. Her desire to expand her horizons and experience new things led her to quit the London and move to the East End, but she’s a bit afraid of “what might happen” if her romance with Delia is discovered – she has to reach a point of confidence before she decides to take the plunge (inferior Ne). She is a straightforward, tell it like it is kind of girl, whose first task upon entering Nonnatus House is to give it a thorough cleaning! While she’s at it, she organizes and packs the girls’ midwife bags for them. She came there for a specific reason, to learn midwifery, and doesn’t like it when she is swayed from that objective into nursing. She is driven, successful, and ambitious. Though she cares about people, it doesn’t often show externally, since her primary focus is for order and control in her environment. Sometimes, her desire to fix things is so strong that she simply sets out to do it, without telling anyone where she has gone. Though she isn’t comfortable talking about her feelings, Patsy strongly identifies with others who have been through similar experiences, and cares deeply about people. She isn’t great at articulating that in ways they can understand, but instead, shows her love through action by going out of her way to take care of them.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Patsy is principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and a perfectionist. She’s hard working and set about organizing and “giving the place a good cleaning” as soon as she arrived at the house. She tends to repress her anger, except when she’s under extreme stress (she snaps at Delia… and comes back to apologize, acknowledge her behavior as inappropriate). She does not want Delia to mess up her relationship with her family, to be with her, and is aware of what society considers “appropriate” at the time. Patsy’s 2 wing makes her emotionally warm and receptive, good at her job, easily able to affirm, encourage, and cause people to like her.