Ram has a warm and open nature, devoted to helping his team mates open up about their struggles, their feelings, and their needs. As the medical officer on board, he cares deeply about their emotions and can easily connect to them. He also doesn’t always understand others if they are not as expressive as he is (mistaking Emma’s silence for a total rejection of his feelings for her, when it’s really just her own internal confusion and fondness for him that causes her to withdraw). When he falls ill, he refuses to allow his friends to come anywhere near him, even after he cuts himself – he doesn’t want to endanger them. Out of respect for Emma and her relationship with her husband, he keeps his mouth shut about his love for her until he thinks they might be about to die. He feels enormous guilt over his brother having fallen ill, taking care of and visiting him as a child. Ram likes to analyze people and figure out how to fix things, but trusts others to problem-solve. He has an astonishing amount of medical and practical knowledge, which helps them get through tough months on a spaceship in the middle of vast space. Ram knows how much each of them needs to drink, in order to survive, and rations out the water supply. He focuses on their practical needs and admits, at one point, that he has neglected their emotional needs, failing to notice and realize that Emma has been giving her water to one of her friend’s plants to keep it alive (and thus keep his spirits up) and causing herself to hallucinate and become dehydrated in the process. He is practical and hands on, but also dabbles in their spiritual lives and in wanting to understand them.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Ram shows his love by serving other people, but he is also attempting to earn it – he stands up for and defends Emma’s reputation even when he should question it, because he sees only the best in her and wants to prove his loyalty, and in so doing, suggest his love for her. He is quick to volunteer to help others and has a self-effacing attitude, in that he is willing to die rather than risk their exposure to the virus. A lot of this stems from his desire to make up for his brother’s death – he became a doctor to help people, to atone for his brother becoming ill visiting him in the hospital. Ram feels torn between his feelings and “doing the right thing,” which is to suppress his feelings for Emma in respect of her husband.