Kwesi is a botanist with an extensive knowledge of plant life, and the confidence that he can grow things on Mars. He comes loaded with facts about his beloved plants and a desire to cultivate them in deep space, a task that he spends many hours doing each day. He finds being around them soothing and this stabilization of the environment into a sense of “normality” often draws his team mates in to help him. He has a firm faith and many memories of his childhood; much of what happened then, he compares to now in terms of his expectations. He wants to live up to his deceased adopted father’s ideals for him. Kwesi does not speculate much, but is also cautious and meticulous. He wants a firm sense of what they intend to do, before they do it. He has a warm and generous heart, often plays a peacemaker role among his friends, and is tolerant and forgiving. When called in to give a statement about Emma’s actions that accelerated a fire rather than put it out, Kewsi is reluctant to say anything bad about her, and instead affirms her to Ground Control. He easily shares his feelings about having to let his plants die when they face dehydration, but is also curious to see if any of them will survive. He wants to understand things and puts a lot of effort into learning more about them.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Kewsi is a man of simple needs and pleasures and his Christmas present to them all is lush green things grown in his garden. It isn’t much, but it makes him happy to share them. He creates such a peaceful environment in his little garden haven that his friends all inevitably wind up there. He welcomes them, even when he has had conflict with some of them, in an overall nature inclined toward forgiveness, tolerance, smoothing over problems, giving the benefit of the doubt, and being generally kind. He wants to do the right thing, in a pleasant way.