Lu has an absolutely incredible mind for detail; when their water system goes out, everyone appoints her to take care of the thousands of pieces they take out of the system, so they can reassemble it without a single mistake – something she is extremely good at and comfortable doing. She loves order and to bring simplicity to her tasks, but is also content with repeated behaviors. Lu has a strong sense of how the world works; she is willing to put aside her own personal needs and wishes (the woman she has fallen in love with) for her son, to maintain his sense of stability and normality within China. She has a healthy respect for how things are done, and does not want to “break the machine” (how things are done). She would rather approach problems in a methodical manner than improvise, although she does dare to imagine different possibilities and approaches when introduced to them by circumstances or other people’s creative ideas. She does not mince words; after Emma worsens a fire situation and accidentally endangers their lives in the process, rather than being “nice” like some of her team members, Lu tells Ground Control the truth – that Emma screwed up, that she wonders if she is emotionally compromised having her husband on the ground and ill, and that maybe they should appoint someone more logical to fill her position. She often goes for the most pragmatic and effective solution, and is not for cannibalizing the water supply system to “cobble up something new.” Though friends with another astronaut, she points out his problems with vision and argues that it could endanger them, if he cannot see properly. She has a strong sense of her own morals, and moral lines she will not cross, but is also able to keep her secret feelings for another woman private for a long time to protect them both.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Lu is very much concerned with doing the right thing. She is focused on being proper, and a good wife and mother; though she admits that her marriage is cold, she will not cheat on her husband by kissing another woman. She says that when the mission is over, and after her son has grown up, she will find this woman and then they can be together, at the appropriate time. She abides by the rules of China and does not flout them easily, when deciding what actions to take on the spaceship. She often points out others’ mistakes and weaknesses, but also strictly supervises herself. She loves to keep order in all aspects of her life, but can be detached, withdrawn, and distant from her teammates. Emma teases her that she would not want to see “inside her closet,” since it must be perfect. Chaos, frankly, frustrates Lu.