Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Alexis has intense emotions and is not entirely sure what to do with them. She knows she has to do the right thing and be there for her father, but is also angry about being left “alone” to deal with her anxieties without her mother. When she doesn’t want to face someone, she simply shuts them out of their life, skips classes, leaves without saying where she is going, and does not answer their phone calls, which is worrisome to Emma on the space ship. She doesn’t know what to expect in terms of feeling things, so she asks her boyfriend what it was like to lose his dad, because she wants to know about his emotional experience of loss in order to “prepare for it.” She has never gotten on a dirt bike before and “is a natural.” She takes to it instantly, having just watched a few people do it. Before a few weeks are out, she is taking bigger risks and making higher jumps and living off the excitement of being in the air. Alexis tends to react quickly, both to save her father when he has his stroke and in her decisions about school. She skips her make-up test to go out with a boy she barely knows, and takes an interest in bike-riding. She plans not to tell her father about then, but when he breaks down at the side of the road, comes clean with her secret about dating a guy when she asks him to pick her dad up. She shows a few flashes of insight here and there, but nothing substantial and she gives them very little credence. Alexis is rarely open with her feelings, but she can explode into bluntness whenever she is stressed.

Enneagram: cp6w7 so/sp

Alexis is very responsible and family-oriented, but also fearful. Her mother tells her how proud she is of her for “facing her fears” and getting tested for her father’s illness, since it can be genetic. Alexis said she did not want to live in fear anymore. She often faces her fears, and rebels in soft ways against authority – leaving school, lying to her dad about her hobbies, but also wanting him to love and support and listen to her. The more anxious she feels, the more she wants to escape—and she does that through dirt bike racing. It gives her a high, because it’s a way to avoid the serious things she is facing at home and pretend to be somewhere else, someone else. At times, she feels angry at her mother for leaving her, abandoning her to “do this alone.” But Alexis always rises to the occasion, somehow.