Misha has an incredible talent for understanding how a system works from the inside and knowing what to do to fix things that seem impossible; his ability to do this and think outside the lines is useful in space, ranging from his decision to take apart the water system and cannibalize the parts to fix a broken connection, to his quick thinking in stapling a wound shut when they cannot make it stop bleeding. He has a stronger sense of self-confidence in his logic than most of the others, and is angry when they will not allow him to do his job due to his limited eyesight; he tells Lu that he doesn’t have to see a system to know how it works, he can just “feel” the changes in it. Misha does not have a good sense of camaraderie at fist with his team-mates; he is arrogant, withdrawn, and bossy, but over time he opens up and starts talking more about his regrets, he brews them vodka for Christmas, and he reminds them to prioritize family, because without it, you are nothing. He is opportunistic and hands-on, a man who can feel his way around a complicated internal space system, who knows they need to go outside the ship to fix the damage, and isn’t afraid to take a space walk (though he lets Emma take the bigger risk, because she insists). Misha, once he senses his eyesight is going, memorizes the eye chart to keep the others from noticing his diminishing capabilities. He is quick to put out a fire, and to denounce Emma when he feels her leadership skills are wrong or she has been emotionally compromised. He has spent enough time on internal reflection to feel sorry that his irresponsible lifestyle has caused his sister pain and made it so he cannot reconcile with her.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Misha put aside his own family to pursue and further his career, so much so that it has caused a rift between him and his sister after a death in the family (he left her to pick up the pieces). He is egocentric and over-confident of his leadership skills, criticizing Emma for being foolish in her attempt to put out the fire (it worsened it) and assuming he should take command. Misha can be argumentative, but also fears losing his role as a valuable member of the team — he memorizes the eye chart so that he can continue to work and feel valuable even after he is starting to go blind, he is very angry whenever anyone infers he cannot do something, and struggles with his sense of resentment at not being “needed.” He wants and needs to be useful.