Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Emma from a young age always knew she wanted to be an astronaut, and took every sensory opportunity she could, to bring her closer to that goal. She was highly active in the space program, in learning how to fly, etc. Once in space, she proves an effective leader who can react in the moment and often volunteers for missions that are dangerous to her team, even though she could take a backseat and let others handle it. She refuses to listen to Ground Control and breaks into a friend’s pod to stitch him up after he’s injured. She insists on taking a space walk even though it’s dangerous. Prior to marrying her husband, she easily became involved in an affair with him, saying it was another reckless thing she was prone to doing. She also, inadvertently, worsens a fire situation on board their spaceship by reacting too quickly, with the wrong information. Though private in her feelings, Emma often makes emotional decisions – she almost gives up her chance at space to rush home to her husband after he has a stroke, out of concern for her daughter. She ignores protocol to enter a friend’s sickroom and stitch him up after an injury, even though it could put her and the rest of them at risk for catching his infectious illness. Emma uses part of her water ration to keep one of her friends’ plants alive, leading to her severe dehydration and impeded leadership skills. She also often relies on other people to think logically for her and demands they “come up with a plan” for her to review, consult with ground control over, and then implement. She sometimes makes decisions that are short-sighted, and she fails to read into things enough (she doesn’t know a member of her team is in love with her, until he confesses it in a life or death situation).

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Emma’s judgment comes into question among her teammates several times because she “relies too much on Ground Control,” rather than trusting her own judgment. She always wants to consult with them, hear what they think about her preferred solution, and then act according to their wishes and with their permission. She is highly responsible and considers herself to be morally responsible for the welfare of her crew, to the extent that she will put herself at risk to keep them safe and question her own behaviors after the fact. She tells her husband that without him, she would not have learned to trust herself. Emma is cautious, fearful, and second-guesses herself at times; she isn’t sure if she belongs with her family or in space, and does not want to make the wrong decision that could endanger everyone, but she also has an adventurous spirit. She needs others’ approval and support.