Morgana puts the needs of her kind, her people, ahead of herself, in all her decisions. She is the first person to volunteer to do something hard, just to protect someone else. She is clear and able to articulate her feelings, and also generous and willing to listen and be tolerant of others… to her own determent, at times. She out of all the sisters in the abbey welcomes and protects and finds what she and Nimue “have in common” (being Fey people). She needs an emotional consensus, but is not above doing things for herself, too (she leaves the convent, and asks her lover to come with her, but goes on without her once she refuses). The past – hers in particular – holds a special place of importance in her heart, because she is always referencing former experiences – when she and her lover did something together, that day they saw something happen, the first time she felt this or that. She has a deep knowledge of magic and the woods and is quite good at sensing things about other people, based on what she already knows. Though practical and pragmatic, she is also adventurous and, unlike her ISFJ girlfriend, willing to “go out and try new things” – after she has lived almost her entire life at a convent. She trusts her brother, because she grew up with him. On occasion, she has flickers of insight into people’s motivations, but finds it hard to believe that the Fey power of the wood has another destiny in mind for her, since she considers herself unimportant. Yet, she has absolutely no ability to sense a potential psychopath within the nuns’ midst, which leads to all of their deaths. She does not question much, nor think hard about the strange things around her – she accepts that her lover is “alive” and is surprised to learn she has been lying to her, and that she is “dead.” Morgana’s emotions want to believe in a connection, so she does, and she never questions whether or not some other “power” is using her.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Morgana is the first person to show Nimue kindness and welcome her into the abbey, also the first person to assert herself and warn her not to “tell anyone what you have seen.” Once she knows Nimue does not judge her for her lesbian attraction to a fellow nun, she welcomes her into the fold and risks her life to protect her. She often volunteers to do things on behalf of others, without being asked (such as fetching the sword out of the ravine where Nimue threw it away in a passion). She can turn aggressive under pressure, but also wants to do the right thing, does not feel good about drawing too much attention to herself, and is more concerned with others’ needs than her own.