Functional Order: Fi-Ne-Si-Te

Nimue is often lost in her own emotions and unaware and even intolerant of other people’s emotional states (part of this is due to her Enneagram type 4). She tends to judge people and situations harshly, by her own standards, she feels isolated from people and has no interest in engaging with them, and she trusts herself above other people. But… very few of her decisions are rational, from her sudden feeling that she “should” throw away her sword (which she regrets a moment later) to her constant refusals of help in the belief and insistence that she can do everything herself, to her decision to ride into the middle of her burning village—an act which almost gets her killed, and almost kills her best friend. She chastises herself, at times, for being “naïve,” such as her desire to see the best in Merlin, despite her skepticism about his intentions. She trusts her instincts about people, for good and ill, and tends to revise these theories on the fly – deciding whether or not she can trust Arthur, for example, or more importantly, realizing that Merlin is her father based on very little evidence. She has a “sense” that the sword’s power intends to use her for good, but also simultaneously holds the opposite fear, that it may corrupt her as it did her father. She tends not to believe things until she has experienced them for herself, if what another person is telling her contradicts her own experience (she sees the sword as “good” in opposition to Merlin’s belief in its “evil,” until she sees what he did with it, as a great and powerful sorcerer). She is unable to adapt to her environment, and sees holding onto the sword as a protective measure, since it can “cut through anything.” In battle, Nimue is often unable to protect herself and not aware of her environment.

Enneagram: 4w5 sp/sx

Nimue is often deeply entrenched in her own perceived suffering and isolation (due to being abused, disliked, and teased by the other children for her magical abilities), at the cost of what she can provide others – her mother suggests that she could learn to use her powers for “the good of the village.” Instead, Nimue refuses to learn them, gets on her horse, and runs away, intending to never see any of them again. She resists having anyone influence her or change her mind. She’s afraid to let Arthur see her scars and only connects with him when she realizes he too carries a similar burden (many scars, an abusive past). Nimue is afraid of her own darkness, afraid of learning to use her abilities, and reluctant to step outside her comfort zone or learn from her father. She never one played with her magic or learned a useful way to benefit from it, until she had no other choice – showing a perpetual tendency to withdraw entirely from risk and self-challenge.