Clara has an opinion on everything and everyone, and is not afraid to share it; many of her decisions are because others needs her, or because she assumes they would stand in judgment of her (keeping her adventures with the Doctor a secret from Danny). She even assigns a personality to the TARDIS (“She doesn’t like me!”). Clara is more comfortable working with and challenging the Doctor on moral terms; when he leaves her to make her own moral decision (the creature in the moon), she becomes very emotional and upset with him for leaving her “on her own.” She moralizes at him when she feels he is objectively wrong in a moral sense (“How dare you…”). When trying to set up her wireless, Clara can’t figure it out for herself and has to call for help; she often lets the Doctor work out rational reasoning for her, which is why she gets upset when he leaves her to make a great moral decision all on her own – she doesn’t trust her own logic. She often comes up with insights into people and events, without much information beforehand; she quickly realizes she is connected to an alien entity and figures out how to “control” or “influence” the creature’s actions through their mental link. Clara assesses an ancient god and surmises that he needs one memory of such power that it will “fill him up.” She is sometimes good at discerning others’ motives and knowing what makes them tick. Clara has an overall optimistic view of the future when she is in a good place emotionally, and believes the Doctor can “change” it for the better. Her excitement lies in being places, in soaking up experiences, and in trying out new and often dangerous things. She has an aggressive manner about her, which often desires to interact with her environment (it’s not enough to visit these places; she wants the full immersive experience… in costume if possible!). Clara can be reckless, though… after losing Danny, she becomes increasingly more inclined to leap into situations without thinking them through, or to put herself in danger without thought for the consequences. She gets a rush out of narrow escapes. The biggest manifestation of inferior Ti is in her accusing the Doctor of being responsible for Danny Pink’s downfall, in hijacking the TARDIS key and attempting to “force” him into rewriting time; these things seem rational to her, but objectively place them all in danger (inferior Ti).

Enneagram: cp 6w7 so/sp

Unlike many of his other companions, Clara did not leap into the TARDIS and go on adventures, but asked if she could have a day to think about it. Clara tries to make friends and diffuse tension through humor, but becomes uncomfortable and anxious when Danny does not appreciate it; she doesn’t know how else to form a bond. She struggles to accept Twelve because she got used to trusting and relying on Eleven, and Twelve’s coldblooded behaviors are difficult for her to adapt to, until she figures out she can trust him. Even so, she continues to doubt, analyze, and re-frame their relationship – sometimes being his friend, sometimes his critic, sometimes wanting to stay away from him, other times turning right around and begging for a new adventure. She almost has a meltdown when he leaves her to determine the fate of planet earth when it’s potentially threatened by the moon hatching; she does not like to be without his support and guidance, and becomes somewhat codependent on him, assuming he can always “save” her and the day. Clara reacts to her fears by acting brave, often asserting herself and taking charge. Her 7 wing is what helps her be funny, flirtatious, and lighthearted, wanting to believe the best in others, and have grand, epic adventures with the Doctor, but also what makes her increasingly reckless as time goes by. She becomes so used to the Doctor saving her in the nick of time, she takes bigger and bigger risks for the rush of time-traveling.